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June10 - How Many Researchers Does It Take To Crank Out A Study That Reaches No Conclusion"  - No snappy punch line to this query but those with a mordant wit may get a chuckle out of reading the summary of this non-study.  The objective was to determine whether tobacco, alcohol, caffeine or something called "psychosocial stress" during pregnancy leads to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Since ADHD is a disorder made up and promoted to sell dangerous psychoactive drugs to distracted parents of rambunctious boys it's not surprising that the conclusions to this effort are ephemeral. 

The researchers poured through 36 studies cranked out over a period of 29 years.  Most, not surprisingly, dealt with maternal smoking while a handful dealt with drinking while pregnant.  One examined mothers on caffeine while five looked at psychosocial stress.  The provisos rain down fast and thick:

"In spite of inconsistencies..."
 "Contradictory findings..."
 "were inconsistent but indicated a possible..."
 "methodological shortcomings..."

Out of this riot of fudge words come conclusions that actually are no conclusions at all.  Tobacco smoke in utero "is suspected to be associated" with ADHD while other maternal lifestyle factors "may be also associated."  There is only one definitive, unequivocal statement and that occurs at the end:

Further studies are needed to reach conclusions.

For this eleven researchers with silver-plated credentials were needed"  Guess so, when the real purpose is to extract money from foundations and the taxpayers.  For a more useful understanding of mothers and ADHD, a simple picture is worth a thousand buzz words and several hundred thousand dollars of research grants:


None Are So Blind-As Journalists With An Agenda - It is a standard of antitobacco propaganda to make a claim while the evidence it refers to states exactly the opposite. This is yet another example. As Wanda Hamilton points out, while the antismoking cartel claims association between low birth weight and smoking, the very statistics they are referring to clearly indicate that while smoking among pregnant women is down, low birth weight is up. "Reporter after reporter throughout the United States looked at this data and failed to see it", comments Wanda, and then she adds: "How can it be that journalists cannot see what's right before their eyes, even as they write the stories" None are so blind as those with a mission, and these reporters are obviously on a mission when it comes to smoking." Exactly. People read the articles, but who goes to check the data, assuming that they are even available to the public" And, who would be that reporter willing to risk his/her career by informing people on the truth on smoking"
Lack of association between smoking and DNA fragmentation in the spermatozoa of normal men - This study refutes the "abnormal" sperm claims of the antitobacco propaganda. According to this abstract, non-smokers had more DNA breaks in their sperm than did either heavy or light smokers.
biblio.gif (2261 bytes)Bibliography of Studies on Maternal Smoking - Antismoking groups go to great expense to tell women not to smoke during pregnancy. However, studies contradict those statements, as this bibliography clearly demonstrates. But the antismoking medical associations, the non-profits, and the assorted Ministries of Health choose to completely ignore these realities. Quite clearly, they believe that it is OK to give incomplete or FALSE information to the population as long as that serves their political agenda. - Courtesy of Wanda Hamilton, Smokers United Network
Does maternal smoking hinder mother-child transmission of Helicobacter pylori infection" - "Evidence for early childhood as the critical period of Helicobacter pylori infection and for clustering of the infection within families suggests a major role of intrafamilial transmission. In a previous study, we found a strong inverse relation between maternal smoking and H. pylori infection among preschool children, suggesting the possibility that mother-child transmission of the infection may be less efficient if the mother smokes. To evaluate this hypothesis further, we carried out a subsequent population-based study in which H. pylori infection was measured by 13C-urea breath test in 947 preschool children and their mothers. We obtained detailed information on potential risk factors for infection, including maternal smoking, by standardized questionnaires. Overall, 9.8% (93 of 947) of the children and 34.7% (329 of 947) of the mothers were infected. Prevalence of infection was much lower among children of uninfected mothers (1.9%) than among children of infected mothers (24.7%). There was a strong inverse relation of children's infection with maternal smoking (adjusted odds ratio = 0.24; 95% confidence interval = 0.12-0.49) among children of infected mothers, but not among children of uninfected mothers. These results support the hypothesis of a predominant role for mother-child transmission of H. pylori infection, which may be less efficient if the mother smokes. "  Thus a mother's smoking during pregnancy could help prevent stomach ulcers/cancer and heart disease in their children.
The Puzzling Association between Smoking and Hypertension during Pregnancy - This large study has examined nearly 10,000 pregnant women. Conclusion: "Smoking is associated with a reduced risk of hypertension during pregnancy. The protective effect appears to continue even after cessation of smoking. Further basic research on this issue is warranted. (Am J Obstet Gynecol 1999;181:1407-13.) "

Where are the media trumpeting these results"  This is a strong indication of the protective effect of smoking during pregnancy and it should be part of tobacco education. Doesn't the public deserve to know the straight facts about tobacco"  For more information on the many benefits of smoking click here.

Urinary Cotinine Concentration Confirms the Reduced Risk of Preeclampsia with Tobacco Exposure - This study, though small, shows one of the benefits of smoking during pregnancy. "These findings, obtained by using laboratory assay, confirm the reduced risk of developing preeclampsia with tobacco exposure. (Am J Obstet Gynecol 1999;181:1192-6.) "

Again, where is the media trumpeting the results" They are not there.  For more information on the many benefits of smoking click here.

Maternal Smoking and Down Syndrome: The Confounding Effect of Maternal Age - An "obscure" study has surfaced that is worth examining for a couple of reasons. We call it "obscure" because we have not heard a word about it in the mainstream press.   And the reasons are quite simple. It's quite probable that the results have been down-played because they are not pleasing to the funding agency since the study finds maternal smoking not to be a factor in Down Syndrome infants.  We link to the American Journal of Epidemiology.
If the above link does not work, Click here
Smoking: Protection Against Neural Tube Defects" - Swedish researchers have some surprising news for pregnant women who smoke: a decreased risk of neural tube defects in babies.
Parental Smoking And Risk Of Childhood Cancer: A Review Of The Evidence - ABSTRACT: "...Various limitations of the studies, including failure to control for confounding variables, mean that the quite weak associations observed between parental smoking and childhood cancer cannot be confidently interpreted as arising from a causal relationship." - From Biomednet.  From very weak to insignificant evidence of child cancer from parental smoking: this is the conclusion of this review of all the English-language studies ever published since 1957. But the antismoking movement, and the politicians and Ministries of "Health" simply ignore the facts.  Uncorrupted scientific evidence should be given front page treatment.
Scientific Fraud Concerning Smoking and Pregnancy Exposed in the California EPA Report - We now have direct and incontrovertible proof of deliberate scientific misconduct and concealment of crucial evidence exonerating smoking by the anti-smoking health establishment. Critical data has been ignored by the California EPA ETS report notwithstanding that such data has been clearly and unequivocally pointed out to the committee. Logic indicates that these omissions are deliberate -- designed to achieve politically predetermined results of condemning smoking during pregnancy. While we realize that society needs icons in which to rest trust and guidance, it is now sadly clear that the health authorities in North America no longer deserve our faith and respect.
How The Anti-Smokers Lie About Neonatal Costs and Smoking -  Quite simply, there are NO increases in cost associated with smoking and neonatal care.
biblio.gif (2261 bytes)How The Anti-Smokers Lie About Smoking And Pregnancy - There is a conspiracy of silence to conceal the role of chorioamnionitis in preterm birth, premature rupture of membranes, and other neonatal illness and death. It is virtually never mentioned, to protect the anti-smoking agenda. Compendium of 7 recent studies.


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