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Brain Stem Abnormality Seen in SIDS Babies, Study Shows - There isno longer any reason for parents whose infants may have been exposed tosecond hand smoke to feel guilty if their families have suffered the tragedyof sudden infant death syndrome. 'Environmental factors, such as stomachsleeping, overheating, and exposure to cigarette smokeare all believed to increase a baby's risk of death from SIDS. Butthe search for a biological link has turned up little, until now. "Thisis very good evidence that there definitely is a biological problem thatcontributes to SIDS," neuroscientist and study co-author David S.Paterson, PhD, tells WebMD.' This is notmultifactorial epidemiology trash science paid by Big Pharma to pass smokingbans. "In the study, autopsy tissue taken from babies who had diedof SIDS and other causes showed abnormalities in the lower brain stems ofthe SIDS babies. Among other things, this region of the brain is thoughtto help regulate breathing and arousal." Smoking around infants does not put them at risk of SIDS, or anything else - it never didand it never will.
Not A Mention Of ETS - In its drive to instill guilt, anti-tobacco has attempted to list second hand smoke as a possible cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Reputable SIDS researchers and organizations have strongly refuted anti-tobacco with the result that anti-tobacco's slanders against smoking parents who have lost children to SIDS do not carry any weight.  No one knows absolutely why SIDS occurs.  This study from a Canadian University suggests a possible preventive measure to combat SIDS.  Like other reputable SIDS researchers, these don't waste their time looking at ETS.
UlcerBug 'Could Cause Cot Death' - "A form of bacteria which causesstomach ulcers may also be responsible for cot death, according to UK researchers. Thehelicobacter pylori bug has been found in the windpipe of a large proportion of babies whohave died from sudden infant death syndrome."
doc04.gif (346 bytes)Cot Deaths: Who Do We Listen To"- "A stomach infection, might, it's suggested, be a cause of cot death. The newresearch, reported in the Archives of Diseases in Childhood, suggests a link between thestomach bug Helicobacter and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)." … "Onthe other hand, something completely different may be responsible for each, some, or allof the 400 or so deaths in Britain each year that are put down to SIDS."

Pneumocistis Caarinii Infection Linked toSudden Infant Death Syndrome - "Pneumocystis carinii infection isassociated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), researchers report in the December1999 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases."

"Dr. Sergio L. Vargas, of theUniversity of Chile in Santiago, and multinational colleagues point out that there iswell-documented serological evidence that primary P. carinii infection is common in veryyoung immunocompetent children. To determine whether there is histological support forthat assumption, they evaluated lung autopsy samples from 534 consecutive pediatricpatients at Santiago hospitals who did not have AIDS or malignancies."

One of the most outrageous lies about ETS isits "association" with SIDS. Even antismoking-persuaded scientists involved inthis research condemn this fraudulent association which has been used by severalgovernments as if it was reality to justify smoking prohibition. For more informationabout the real causes of many tobacco-attributed disease, click here.

doc04.gif (346 bytes)The letter sent to ASH bythe Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Alliance protesting the false information on smoking andSIDS - In the letter, the Alliance, while"applauding" the promotion of antismoking (frauds and hatred) by ASH, protestsagainst the false claims on SIDS! Since smoking can only be fought with fraudsand distortions, for nothing else about smoking is proven, that opens the interestingquestion on how an organisation can be a hero on one hand, and a villan on the other! Pleasenote: to the best of our knowledge, ASH never retracted the false information.
No Positive Evidence Of a LinkBetween SIDS and Second Hand Smoking - The Childrens' Hospital of Los Angelesexposes the antismoking industry's lies about a "link" between secondhandsmoking and Sidden Infant Death Syndrome: NO EVIDENCE.
Heart - Not Smoking - Clue toCot Deaths - One of the most common lines of the antismoking movement is thatprimary and second hand smoking causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).This information is pushed by almost every representative of these groups: activists, somemedical organizations, politicians, etc., in an obvious attempt to scare parents not tosmoke (or let anyone smoke) in the house, and imply the necessity of governmentintervention against smoking parents. The FACT is that this affirmation is simply FALSE,because we do not know what causes SIDS. This Italian study finds that other causesmay have immensely more importance than smoking on the SIDS mystery. "Babies witha long QT interval were 40 times more likely to die of SIDS over the next year. Scientistsin the team said the link was 'dramatic', much greater than known risk factors such asallowing a baby to sleep on its front or smoking by the mother."


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