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Investigating Lies And Truth

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"The Insider" Movie Saga:
Investigating Lies And Truth

The truth and the lies behind the latest piece of anti-tobacco propaganda. Schemes, corruption, frauds, distortions, lies, cheap shots, and much more...

Truly, antismoking at its fullest!

ACADEMY AWARDS SNUB Poor Jeffrey Wigand.  Feted by the crme des anti-tabac criminaux for his portrayal of a harried whistle-blower, he has thankfully reached the end of his 15 minutes of unwarranted fame.  Although Disney's "The Insider", an Oscar contender in several categories, was very loosely based on his dealings with a cigarette maker, Wigand's request for an invite to the Academy Awards was rebuffed.  Apparently actor Russell Crowe, who plays the Wigand role in the movie, didn't much care for the anti-tobacco warrior and had him blackballed from Hollywood's premier event. Wigand's circle of cheerleaders has dwindled to has-been, hack reporter, Mike Wallace, goofy social engineer, Rob Reiner and anti-tobacco stooge Allan Rock, Canada's Health Minister.  To these three boneheads, Wigand's history of drunkenness  and wife-beating, not to mention his obsession with firearms, is irrelevant to his usefulness in furthering their waning careers.


PREVIOUSLY SEALED FBI INVESTIGATION EXPOSES THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE MOVIE "THE INSIDER" - "The FBI investigation also raises serious questions about the actions of CBS "60 Minutes" producer Lowell Bergman and the U.S. Justice Department's five-year investigation of the tobacco industry." ... " In the affidavit, the FBI concludes that Wigand faked death threats and placed a bullet in his own mailbox. The agent found probable cause that Wigand committed a crime and as a result was seeking a search warrant of Wigand's home."

'CERTAIN EVENTS HAVE BEEN FICTIONALIZED' - Don't be fooled by the title of this article. What the National Post says about the new Disney's here is real - and the antismoking bastards know that too, starting from Canada Health Minister Alan Rock down to the last anti-tobacco lackey.

FILM FULL OF INACCURACIES - "None of the allegations Wigand made in his 60 Minutes interview was true. When Wigand was finally cross-examined under oath, his allegations crumbled as they were either disproved by the evidence or Wigand himself admitted they were wrong. Most notably, Wigand testified that he was not aware of any criminal or fraudulent activity by B&W."


BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE INSIDER - Many have spoken against anti-tobacco gangster Jeffrey Wigand, recently hired by other anti-tobacco gangster, no less than Alan Rock, Health Minister of Canada. Do you think we are ranting" Not at all. Look at the facts. (Article by the National Post).

SMOKE AND MIRRORS - In a pathetic display of petty politics, Canadian Health Minister Allan Rock receives Jeffrey Wingand, the false "whistle blower." By "pure" coincidence and at the same time, the Canadian cartel discovers that " Imperial Tobacco was obsessed with luring Canadian teens into smoking". The sad display of both lack of brains and original thinking by a country that is already borrowing all its gray matter from the United States (bad choice these times, boys!) is well described by this article of the National Post.


"THE INSIDER": WHISTLEBLOWING OR SUCKING AIR" - 'Everyone should go see Disney's new movie "The Insider." It's celluloid proof the anti-tobacco industry has gone overboard.' -- Steven Milloy.

SMOKE SCREEN: TOBACCO MAY BE EVIL, BUT ITS LATEST CHALLENGER IS NO HERO - "As a former employer of Jeffrey S. Wigand, I was interested to read in a recent Wall Street Journal that Wigand "may be one of the biggest threats cigarette makers have ever faced." On the surface, the reason for this description seems obvious: Wigand, who was fired as research chief at the Brown Williamson Tobacco Corporation in March 1993, has in the past three months become the tobacco industry's highest-ranking defector."


FORGET THE MOVIE AND TV SHOW. I'LL WAIT FOR THE BOOK. - 'It turns out it wasn't only the FBI agent who suspected Mr. Wigand of faking the death threat. So did the professional security man hired by CBS to protect Mr. Wigand.


THE COMPLETE F.B.I. DOCUMENTATION OF WINGAND'S FALSE ACCUSATIONS - This is a must-see for those who still believe that the anti-tobacco cartel still has some resemblance of honesty and legitimacy. If the above link has expired, malfunctions or otherwise does not work, click here.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF TERROR - "Some scenes, including one where a man at a golf course at night appears to be tailing Wigand, were invented to 'get into the psychology of terror' and paranoia the former tobacco executive was experiencing." -- Eric Roth, screenwriter of "The Insider," Los Angeles Times, October 19, 1999


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