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Will Higher Taxes Reduce Youth Smoking?

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Will higher taxes decrease youth smoking" Of course not. Most sensible people realize that today's average youngster, quite able to blow two hundred dollars in a pair of the latest fashion shoes, will certainly not blink if he/she has to pay $3.50, $5.00 or more for a pack of smokes. Plus, there is always contraband, and other forms of obtaining tobacco.

 It is quite obvious to an ever-growing number of people that this is just a tax scam of planetary proportions that enables governments to literally steal money from the pockets of citizens under the false pretense of health concerns.

 This study, by Philip DeCicca, Donald Kendkel, and Alan Mathios (all from the Department of Policy Analysis & Management of Cornell University) -- and no, it is not funded by the tobacco industry -- clearly shows the ineffectiveness of tax hikes. This is the last of a long series of studies from many sources coming to the same conclusion.

 But who has interest in listening to common sense and honest information" Not governments, which are the direct beneficiaries of the smokers' loot. Not the politicians, who are on a roll showing that they are active in the persecution of smokers and in the suffocation of their rights. Certainly not the anti-tobacco lobby, with thousands of well-funded operatives making a comfortable living by leaching society while giving in return scientific frauds and hate campaigns.

 In the meantime, due no doubt to the never-ending media blitz that provides a good excuse for rebelliousness, the number of young people taking up smoking simply keeps increasing, "justifying" even more the existence of the criminal anti-tobacco organizations.

 Smart move , anti-tobacco lobby! We always said that you are crooks, but we never said that you were stupid...


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