The Marimont-Levy Piece "lies, Damn Lies" Is Still Sparking Debate From The Antitobacco Cartel

A Clear Indication That It Has Hit The Target

Added April 4, 2000

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The American Council on Science and Health attacks the two authors of "LIES, DAMN LIES & 400,000 Smoking-Related Deaths" with a full arsenal of false statements and misleading information, indicative of both intentional deception and schizophrenic scientific thinking, which is what the entire antismoking propaganda is based on. Although Marimont and Levy give an excellent response to these representatives of the cartel (which has far too much political power to be considered anything close to a scientific body), let us look at see one of the grossest and most misleading lies stated by ACSH in this document:

"...But as we have said, smoking and tobacco use is the most-studied health risk factor in the history of human health research. In fact, the first report of diminished life span among smokers appeared in 1938. The pathological effects of chronic tobacco use in individuals are well documented. Using rigorous study designs and analytical methods, scientists have established with a high degree of certainty the causal role of tobacco in disease and death."

While it is true that tobacco has been the object of an enormous quantity of studies for the last 50-60 years (at immense cost to the taxpayers), all disease attributed to tobacco is multifactorial, and those factors interacts in a totally different way depending on each individual. It is therefore impossible to have ANY degree of certainty about causality. The antitobacco cartel and its army of well-paid "scientists" know that quite well, and the huge amount of methodologically flawed "evidence" is there for the very purpose of hiding the unescapable reality -- the IMPOSSIBILITY to QUANTIFY the incidence of tobacco in disease in spite of all the BS software loaded in their expensive computers.

The truth still thumbs its nose at the red-faced antismoking cartel. Tobacco is just ONE among a myriad of important (or unimportant) concomitant causes of a disease. For example, an organism that is weakened by stress may indeed become a prey of lung cancer if tobacco is used. But if tobacco is not used, the very same organism may still develop cancer, maybe in the lungs, maybe elsewhere.

The highlighting of tobacco in the causality of disease has moralistic (rather, immoral) roots, but most importantly it has political and financial motivations. The abysmal failure of medicine to defeat cancer -- after the investment of billions of dollars -- requires a smoke screen to diffuse reality. This smoke screen pays handsomely for corrupt entities such as the ACSH, and many others. Simple common sense -- not pseudo-scientific diarrhoea -- is all it takes for smokers, drinkers, eaters -- and all those who pursue the necessary enjoyment of life's pleasures: enjoy everything in moderation.

So, reality stands notwithstanding the immense finances behind the largest fraud in the history of humanity: the harms of tobacco use cannot be proven, and the health "authorities" are lying and using force because they cannot "demonstrate" their point otherwise.

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