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For a long time FORCES has maintained that the anti-tobacco agenda bears some resemblances to the Nazi philosophy of national health, and that those who support the repression of smoking through force and law and false science are, after all, Nazis somewhere at heart.

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For this we have been attacked, and often called "lunatics" -- norwitstanding the clear evidence from history.

We are no longer alone in this observation, that goes beyond our colorful, aggressive rhetoric. The Nazi phylosophy of Public Health Uber Alles, and the junk science behind it is a tangible, everyday reality. Nazis are among us.

They are the ministers of health, the public health officers, the doctors and medical association who pump the health issue out of proportion, and produce junk science to justify repression.

They are the hospices who force the terminally ill outside the hospices doors to have a smoke.

They are the health systems that refuse live-saving operations to smokers, murdering them in the name of health.

The sick concept of "HEALTHY AmeRIcAN" is spreading across the world as much as the chant of the healthy, efficient Nazi state lured sympathizers in all nations.

Do you still think we are crazy? Look at the image on the right, and put a medical sign instead of the swastika. Does it look familiar?

Robert N. Proctor, in his new book "The Nazi War on Cancer" published by Princeton University Press turns a scholarly eye toward the question of science and public health in a fascist context. At a moment in history where we have entered a phase of health hysteria, it is timely for scholars to be doing this sort of examination.

"Robert Proctor is an outstanding historian of science and an outstanding historian of the Third Reich. By establishing Nazism's pioneering contributions in the areas of preventive medicine, environmentalism, and public health, he takes us right to the heart of the most difficult questions in the analysis of fascism. His treatment of smoking and cancer will be a revelation. This book troubles the politics and ethics of historical interpretation in the very best ways."--Geoff Eley, author of Reshaping the German Right: Radical Nationalism and Political Change after Bismarck.

"Racily and wittily written, Proctor's interesting book is a brilliant demonstration of how marginal the Nazi past has become to contemporary health issues." --Michael Burleigh, author of Ethics and Extermination: Reflections on Nazi Genocide.

Think about this -- think long and hard. Whether you smoke or not, each time you support anti-tobacco, its philosophy and mentality, what it stands for, the prohibition to smoke; when you feel "safe" and "relieved" because smokers are persecuted and kicked out of their rightful places, you support the return of a cancer that took an uncountable number of lives to uproot-- and it will not stop with tobacco.

Do you think that it is worth it, just because you don't like the nice smell of a cigarette?

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