The Money Trail, Targeting Kids For Drugs

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anti-Tobacco Funding
$34,997,194 Reasons Why "Smoke Free," Not "Nicotine Free," Is Very Big Business

Source: 1996 Annual Report
NOTE: The below grants are only those that explicitly mention tobacco, general substance abuse grants are omitted.

ID No.Recipient GrantAmountGrant PurposeLocation
30499 Allina Health System 48,171 Smoking Cessation Minneapolis, MN
29319 American Bar Association 482,219 Substance Abuse Law Washington, DC
30066 American Cancer Society 500,000 SmokeLess States Atlanta, GA
29549 American Heart Association 1,063,392 SmokeLess States Portland, OR
28494 American Lung Association 200,000 Local Preemption Law Washington, DC
30065 American Lung Association 900,000 SmokeLess States Louisville, KY
28189 American Medical Association 748,595 SmokeLess States Chicago, IL
28586 American Medical Association 95,300 Media Briefing on Tobacco Chicago, IL
29398 American Medical Association 29,855 11th World Conf. on Tobacco Chicago, IL
29466 American Medical Association 70,983 Primary Care Dist. AHCPR Chicago, IL
30691 American Society of Addiction Medicine 197,844 Alt.Nicotine Delivery Syst. Chevy Chase, MD
27340 Battelle Memorial Institute 105,870 Minors' Access to Tobacco Baltimore, MD
28367 Boston University 50,000 Tobacco Control Website Boston, MA
30308 Burness Communications 17,000 Comm. Conf. on AHCPR Bethesda, MD
28757 Center for the Advancement of Health 49,699 Managed Care Tobacco Prev. Washington, DC
28495 Creighton University 182,399 Smoking Cessation Videos Omaha, NE
29471 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 49,981 Distribute AHCPR Org. Labor Boston, MA
30695 Foundation for State Legislatures 19,137 Survey of Medicaid Denver, CO
29718 George Washington University 37,615 Eval. Tucson Youth Tob. Proj. Washington, DC
29386 Girl Scouts of America 17,500 Girl Scouts Against Smoking New York, NY
30825 Governor's Partnership 826,021 Worker Protection Hartford, CT
28635 Harvey J. Weiss and Associates 449,344 National Inhalant Prevention Austin, TX
29283 Hayes, Domenici & Assoc. 65,622 Conf. Women and Smoking McLean, VA
30067 Health Education Inc. 782,317 SmokeLess States Lincoln, NE
28040 Hedrick Smith Productions 150,000 PBS Series on Tobacco Lobby Bethesda, MD
26857 Institute for Public Policy Advocacy 147,529 Tech. Assist. SmokeLess States Washington, DC
29514 Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation 332,802 NFL Youth Anti-Tobacco Jacksonville, FL
29558 Lehigh Valley Hospital 50,000 Comm. Alcohol/Tobacco Policy Allentown, PA
30068 Medical & Chirurgical Facility 823,476 SmokeLess States Baltimore, MD
29831 Miller & Associates 8,000 Econometric Model Review Oakland, CA
30069 Minn. Coalition for Smoke-Free Society 1,199,987 SmokeLess States Minneapolis, MN
29050 Miriam Hospital 46,816 Nurse Smoking Cess. Impl Providence, RI
29600 National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids 19,510,110 National Youth Campaign Washington, DC
30145 National Foundation for CDC 451,185 Race/Gender Smoking Resrch. Atlanta, GA
30531 New Jersey Nets 164,000 NBA Health Risks of Tobacco East Rutherford, NJ
30298 New Sounds Inc . 27,000 Anti-Tobacco Radio Spots New York, NY
28191 Oral Health America 767,986 Major League Baseball Init. Chicago, IL
27474 Pinney Associates 72,000 Implementing AHCPR Guidelines Bethesda, MD
29354 Pinney Associates 36,750 Tobacco Dependence Work Group Bethesda, MD
30465 Pinney Associates 35,500 AHCPR Conf. Proceedings Bethesda, MD
30055 Pyramid Communications 197,843 Conf. Preventing Tobacco Use Seattle, WA
29060 Roswell Park Cancer Institute 23,309 RWJF Tobacco Control Policy Buffalo, NY
30235 Scholastic Inc. 20,000 Teacher Panels - Tobacco Educ. New York, NY
27123 St. Peter's Medical Center 46,531 Exhibits About Tobacco Prod. New Brunswick, NJ
28627 St. Peter's Medical Center 27,833 Alternative Nicotine Delivery New Brunswick, NJ
30735 Strategic Consulting Services 12,175 RWJF Science Conf. Facilitator Portage, WI
31072 The Lewin Group 83,830 Tobacco Policy Assessment Fairfax, VA
27375 University of Alabama 484,167 Smoke Free Families Brimingham, AL
28946 University of Arizona 146,061 Reduce Youth Tobacco Use Tucson, AZ
29273 University of Arizona 792,565.00 Reduce Youth tobacco Use Tucson, AZ
28042 University of California 597,012 Study Tobacco Marketing San Diego, CA
28676 University of Illinois 54,858 Adolescent Tobacco Use Chicago, IL
29015 University of Kentucky 253,347 Research Etiology of Tobacco Lexington, KY
30070 University of Virginia 749,992 SmokeLess States Charlottesville, VA
29389 University of Wisconsin 45,699 Distribute AHCPR Guidelines Madison, WI
30072 Washington DOC 649,967 SmokeLess States Seattle, WA

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