Silent Travellers

Germs, Genes, And The 'immigrant Menace'

SILENT TRAVELLERS: Germs, Genes, and the 'Immigrant Menace'

-- A book to read

" The 'public health' argument has long been used as an excuse to control: The original argument for American racial segregation was, in fact, public health. It was 'general knowledge' that if a white person and a black person drank from the same fountain, swam in the same pool, rested in the same rest room or ate from the same plate at a Woolworth counter ... poor whitey would sicken and die.....Part of Goebbels' successful propaganda against Jews was depicting them as vectors of serious diseases, especially, but not only, TB.

There's an excellent book called "Silent Travelers" by a history professor named Alan Kraut that gives examples of other groups--Chinese, Italian, Irish, etc-- who've been legally (through active legislation) discriminated against on the grounds of public health, supposedly grounds with scientific proof. Proof which he neatly proves was junkscience but which totally convinced those who hated the groups to begin with and now had the joy of scientific validation. "

(from a reader's comments on "Ultimate Bulletin Board" on Steven Milloy's JunkScience. For a link to the specific page click here.)


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