For A Little Bit Of Levity

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For A Little Bit of Levity

Sometimes, the zealotry of the antismokers exceeds their own stupidity.

"May the world know that this country/city/area has freed itself from the greatest calamity ever to affect humanity: SMOKING!
Now, as tobacco-free people, hence conscious that we are going to live forever, let us proceed with the persecution of our peers in all other areas ofhealth, thought, and security, for the power of our insanity knows no limits...."

NO ONE must be unaware that smoking is forbidden, not even the blind!
Thus, let's write it in Braille!

This sign, ripped from the walls of San Francisco's Department of Public Health, proves that mental health no longer belongs to that department, or to California.

In that litigious State we count the days until we hear of a law suit from a hearing impaired antismoker complaining about unequal access to no smoking signs! Where is the audio portion, guys"

The money-making garbage machine operating in California is now engaging in other U.S. states, and it is well on its way to pollute our country...

How long before we see no smoking signs for the blind posted on the walls of our nation" Ottawa, take note!


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