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We have received this latest piece of propaganda by the London Times. The piece, written by James Pringle, contains the usual array of distorted (sorry, in this case plain false) information about the WHO-created "smoking epidemic." Except for a few innovations, pretty much routine.

So we decided to have some fun, take the unabridged article, and debunk the propaganda a paragraph at a time. We found it quite amusing -- after working hard to bring you FORCES, we deserve some levity!

So, forgive our indulgence, and have some fun with us! The paragraphs in italic are our comments.

Smoking leaders' legacy catches up with Chinese


MAO smoked Great Wall cigars, and Deng Xiaoping lit up continually as he played cards. Now China is experiencing a catastrophic epidemic of smoking-related diseases.

There we go. The "catastrophic epidemic of smoking-related diseases!" It is interesting to notice how this "catastrophe," after centuries of tobacco smoking, has suddenly developed all over the world.

Two surveys involving 1.25 million people in the world's leading tobacco-producing country show that up to 2,000 Chinese a day are now dying of smoking-related diseases. By 2050, if present trends continue, that could rise to about three million a year.

The two studies are the result of a long-term international collaboration between Oxford University, the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine in Beijing and Cornell University in the United States.

Why has the "catastrophe" appeared just now" How could those millions and millions of dead all over the world each year go unobserved for all these decades -- even though we had the detection technology available for so many years" The answer is very, very simple: the catastrophe is not there! In fact, this terrible calamity is theoretical. It is a mathematical model (SAMMEC) based on assumption -- NOT ON FACTS.

The mathematical model has as a base the association between deaths caused by certain diseases, and smoking. Basically, every smoker (or ex-smoker) who died at any age of natural causes (they still have, for now, the decency of not including car accidents and gunfire -- that's for future propaganda against other industries!) is considered a Smoking-Attributable Mortality. Since people inevitably die of something (cancer, respiratory disease, kidney failure, heart failure, etc.), if they smoke, those deaths are attributed to smoking. Though achieved through a very complex (and confusing) set of calculations, the catastrophic number of deaths boils down to the simplest of the equations: 1 smoker or ex-smoker death = 1 death caused by tobacco, for virtually every disease has been statistically linked (no causality proof needed anymore, nowadays) to tobacco.

It is mind-boggling how many millions of people (MD s included) have been bamboozled by this simple fraud.

Two thirds of Chinese men start smoking by the age of 25, and three quarters of all Chinese men are smokers in a total population of 1.2 billion. Average per capita consumption rose from one cigarette a day in 1952 to ten in 1992, but appears to have stabilised.

Wow! One second, please... So, if the majority of Chinese men started smoking by the age of 25, it means that those who were 25 in 1952 are 71 in 1998. The deaths of all those people should be already counted out because even antismoking EPA considers 1 cigarette per day (in our case about 1.3) of no consequence to health... but not according to SAMMEC! Let's go on. Assuming the above-mentioned progression in smoking as linear (very probable), in 1972 the average Chinese smoked about 6.5 cigarettes per day. Now, that borders with social smoking, and those who were 25 in 1972 are now only 51. Shall we say that social smoking is the same as heavy smoking" Shall we then attribute the same mortality to social smoking as we attribute to chain smoking" Once again, for SAMMEC -- and all the sold-out statisticians and scientists, the answer is YES!

In the West, smoking causes many heart-related deaths, but in China most such deaths are caused by respiratory diseases, the surveys indicate.

It is therefore logical to conclude that the Chinese human body is fundamentally different from the Western human body! Don't laugh yet: obviously (for us, at least) the human body is the same, and so is basically tobacco. The difference is in the myriad of confounding factors such as diet, lifestyle, environment, etc. which are interacting in millions of different combinations with different effects for different individuals, and in themselves determine the different outcome in the cause of death. It is precisely because of the random interaction of confounders that it is not possible to attribute those deaths to smoking alone -- or to smoking at all.. This is a well-known fact to the anti-tobacco grant-grabbing statistical entrepreneurs, but it is well hidden from the ignorant population by means of complex explanations, authoritative attitudes, and hysteria-sparking media. To close, objections from the experts of the opposition are pre-emptied by preventing those expert to access proprietary and often-unpublished databases.

In London, Dr Alan Lopez of the World Health Organisation told a news conference: "In the West, cigarettes cause lots of heart attack deaths, while in China smoking causes unexpectedly large numbers of deaths from tuberculosis, emphysema and stomach and liver cancer.

How creative! How typical of the US-financed World Hysteria Organisation! Now smoking causes tuberculosis, stomach and liver cancer! (We neglect emphysema because that's an old one). We are not familiar with these "new" "causes", and for that we ask forgiveness. You know, it is hard to keep up with the daily massive production of BS junk science -- but we'll catch up, we promise! In the meantime, we always knew that tuberculosis is viral... and it is hard to believe that smokers are sharing the butt the same way junkies share the needles... though, according to the propaganda, there isn't much of a difference!

"Worldwide, the only really big causes of premature death that are growing rapidly are HIV and tobacco."

Oops! We take it back: smokers ARE sharing the butt! But we are still puzzled by how smokers can copulate with a cigarette... don't they know that they have to use condoms"

HIV is also a growing threat in China with about 300,000 confirmed cases.

And they should concentrate on that instead of the smoking BS. No confounding factors there...!

Few Chinese women smoke and the number is falling even as smoking in men increases, according to the reports. However, trendy young women in Beijing like to be seen with cigarettes, apparently as a fashion accessory. Surveys show that two thirds of Chinese people think smoking does little or no harm.

Common sense is still common in China: no hysteria, no grants, no junk science, no SAMMEC. Clearly, the anti-smoking cancer has not filtered down, yet.

Dr Zhengming Chen of Oxford University said the increase in tobacco consumption did not appear to be a result of promotion by cigarette companies, since smoking had been rising since the 1970s - before China allowed advertising.

Dr Zhengming Chen, you better take THAT back, if you want to see your next "research" grant...!

The Government is taking some action. Fewer Chinese leaders are photographed smoking, most internal flights are smoking-free and tobacco advertising is banned in several cities. Airports have fuggy rooms set aside for smokers.

We were wrong: the anti-smoking cancer IS filtering down, but slowly. Perhaps China will manage to jail a few WHO-hired anti-tobacco cartel operatives for the usual frauds while the WHO and anti-tobacco activists find some other profitable industry to loot, and lie about.

But taxes from tobacco remain an important source of government income. And Mao and Deng, after all, confirmed that even smokers may live to a ripe old age.

And THAT makes sense. And by the same token, even non-smokers may live to a ripe old age. And while they are enjoying a long, long life, they'll all be a greater burden to the young generation that has to support them...

The Chinese are taking great steps along the path of "progress": they actually care about the "smoking epidemic!" Isn't all this imported concern for health by the Chinese government touching"

Especially in a country where the government denies support to all children of the family that are born after the first one.


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