Song For The New Prohibitionism

FORCES - The Humorous

Song For The New Prohibitionism

To the tune of "John Brown's Body"

I took the oath of temperance in 1993,
My aging "boomer" body crying out for purity,
I'm born again in knowing what is good for you and me
The whole world must agree!


Glory, glory, I'm a winner,
Never more a filthy sinner,
You can't hold my past against me --
I never did inhale!

I will protect my children from the smokers that I know
From the teachers in the staff room
To our favourite Uncle Joe,
Let's humiliate the idiots who don't know what I know
My truth is marching on!

Next we'll hit the drinkers, for they're having too much fun,
We'll restore full prohibition,
And they'll finally know we've won,
No more beers and margheritas while they're lying in the sun,
... In fact, let's ban the sun!

And when my task is over and society is clean,
When we're healthy and repentant,
Smoke and drink-free, fit and lean,
We'll have built a brave, new nation,
Safe and uniform and mean,
Our righteousness shall reign!


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