Welcome to the FORCES International Honour Committee for Institutional Ethics, Lifestyle and Political Freedom, and Scientific Integrity.

The FORCES Honour Committee is made up of distinguished individuals from several different countries, working in various fields, who are dedicated to the cause of liberty and the ongoing battle for political and scientific integrity.

For more information on our guiding principles, click here to read our Constitution.

Members (in alphabetical order)

Bukovskij, Vladimir United Kingdom/Russia See profile
(De) Carvalho, Olavo United States/Brazil See profile
Cubeddu, Raimondo Italy See profile
Jackson, Joe United Kingdom See profile
Feltri, Vittorio Italy See profile
Guerri, Giordano Bruno Italy See profile
Harwood, Ronald United Kingdom See profile
Lemieux, Pierre Canada See profile
Lottieri, Carlo Italy See profile
Martino, Antonio Italy See profile
McElroy, Wendy Canada See profile
Rockwell, Lew United States See profile
Salin, Pascal France See profile
Schaler, Jeffrey United States See profile
Szasz, Thomas United States See profile
Deceased Members
Tame, Chris United Kingdom See profile

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