This is how your money will be spent.

  • Maintenance and expansion of the FORCES International portal systems.
  • Creation of conferences and seminars to expose the scientific and statistical frauds at the basis of antismoking campaigns and smoking bans, and to fight baseless alarmism such as, for example, that of passive smoke.
  • On-going education about the scientific and philosophical perversion of the Precautionary Principle, which constitutes the international basis for bureaucratic oppression of lifestyles, multiplication of environmental and industrial regulation - all at a tremendous social cost.
  • Expansion of fundraising campaigns and other initiatives to broaden the social, political and economic base of our organization.
  • Production and dissemination of educational materials for youth and adults.
  • Growth and expansion of FORCES' communications functions through new and innovative use of a variety of different media.
  • Organization and promotion of cultural resistance and of pro-active, systematic political fighting against junk science-based prohibition and control of lifestyles, and any other activity turned to fight and neutralize organized healthism.
  • Promotion of legal actions for the protection of personal rights of behaviour, as well as against the scientific and statistical institutional frauds promoted by national and international 'public health' at any political level.
  • Promotion of legal actions to obtain smoking sections and the restoration of the right to smoke in public places.
  • Promotion and reconstruction of the self-esteem of the targets of "public health". Public health institutions and healthist activists have made an important political and mass-psychology point to destroy individual self-esteem of smokers, overweight, drinkers and other targets, with the less and less implicit message that "if you want to be 'socially acceptable' (and have a job and a family!) you must behave as we say or you are 'out' because you are trash". The incalculable, long-term social consequences of this inhuman and abominable mentality are certainly huge, for they aim to destroy at the foundations the personality and self-respect that are at the basis of a free society.
  • Promotion of health policies that are effective, not intrusive, and not based on statistical junk science. We believe that health policies and the political bodies that issue them must be free from the direct/indirect influence/interference of pharmaceutical multinationals. We believe that risk reduction rather than abolitionism is the logical way to pursue.
  • Promotion of zero tolerance concerning the intrusion of state and private entities in the values and lifestyles of citizens and their families.
  • Development and promotion of feasible policy alternatives that offer civil and equal dignity to groups of citizens who have 'different' lifestyles and value systems - such as smokers, drinkers and eaters - as opposed to the forced elimination of such values and lifestyles in public or in private.

FORCES International is a true grass-root organization. All our work is unpaid for - directly or indirectly. All moneys accumulated through donations, membership or advertisement are turned into the organization's activities without personal compensation for any of the participants.

FORCES is supported solely by the efforts of the readers. Please become a member or donate what you can.
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