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The videos of the Forbidden Conference

The videos about the conference are stored in the section “Forbidden Conference” of our multimedia portal system.

We apologize to our readers for the sometimes amateurish quality of the videos – but please understand that, with the prohibition of the Conference on Prohibition at the EU Parliament, we lost both the interpreters and the professional video recording capabilities planned for the event. Thus, the videos we are showing were captured with hand-held personal camcorders brought in by the participants in the conference. A big thanks to them for making the videos possible!

Because of the dirty manoeuvre of not communicating the cancellation to the organizers and letting them discover the suppression by themselves just a few days before the event (all the details here), there was little time to reorganize everything. It is already a miracle that the conference itself could be held (and was a success) in the first place, given the circumstances. Once again we express our appreciation to the UKIP/IND-DEM group, which has demonstrated a unique dedication to the cause of truth and freedom.



Why do people smoke? – Psychologist Dr. Jan Snel answers the burning question.

How can we make our voice heard? – Godfrey Bloom answers a question concerning why the mass-media are lackeys of governments, antitobacco and healthism, which never reveal public health institutional frauds, while at the same time oppressing those who denounce such frauds. A second question concerns putting together a political block to fight prohibition and lifestyle control and to restore some integrity in institutions.

Why aren’t we helped by the tobacco industry? – Responding to a very common and natural series of questions: Why isn’t the tobacco industry helping? Shouldn’t the tobacco industry be in favour of the elimination of smoking bans, the proliferation of smoking, and the freedom of choice of people to smoke? Is it worth pursuing the industry to try to get economic help? Gian Turci gives straight answers that remove all doubts and illusions.

Christopher Snowdon answers questions -- After his speech, Snowdon answers several questions, including commenting of the absurd claims of the health authorities about passive smoking and the "benefits" of smoking bans, that are "insane" and he puts it, and contrary to any logic and even mathematics.

Gian Turci answers question on safe cigarette - Turci is asked an interesting question about safer cigarettes. He explains the suppression of the safe cigarette mentioned by Gori in his speech and also goes further by stating that there is more than health at stake -- such as greed, power, money, and the need to hate. The is followed by comments by Nick Hogan and Godfrey Bloom.

On racism and tolerance and hate - Arminda Mota (Canada) picks up the issue of hatred and rights from the comments of Turci, Bloom and Hogan, and brings more exampled from her country. Homosexuals, blacks, Jews and a vast number of other groups are "protected groups" in spit of the obvious and scientifically real risks of certain behaviours for public health. However, smokers do not have any right. The excuse is that "they can change behaviour". Turci intervenes by explaining that sheer force is what it takes to make one's rights respected -- not complaining and telling each other horror stories. When force has been used (as it was the case for all the examples above) the public opinion shifted from utter contempt to absolute respect.