corner.jpg (917 bytes) Welcome to the FORCES bookcase. Relax and have a smoke. Here you'll find a selection of books culled from a
wide array of sources, books ranging from academic treatises or journalistic efforts from well-known authors, to free on-line self-published efforts.

Some deal with smoking, tobacco and tobacco policy issues. But we'll also be highlighting other books that we believe may be of interest to our readers -- for example, books about drug policy and the "drug wars"; about issues of freedom, citizenship, individuality and privacy; about gun control, and collective responsibilities and the role of modern government in the lives of citizens.smoklib.gif (14683 bytes)

Why venture into these areas? We believe the battle over tobacco to be a sign of the times, symptomatic of important struggles within society, and therefore significant beyond itself. The "tobacco wars" (like the interminable "war on drugs" with its accompanying erosion of citizen rights) invite many fundamental questions about where society may be heading as we enter the new century.

Wherever possible, we'll link to on-line booksellers so that you can order these books or tapes directly. This page will provide information about each book - including ISBN number -- so that you can order easily from your local bookstore. And of course, if you have a well-stocked local public library, you may be able to find some of these titles there.

FORCES is supported solely by the efforts of the readers. Please become a member or donate what you can.

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