About Sydney Houston (Hugh) High

About Sydney Houston (Hugh) High

Dept. of Economics, University of Cape Town, South Africa

E-mail: high@socsci.uct.ac.za OR Hughhi@infosys.uct.ac.za

Educational Background:

A.B. (English ) 1962 Texas Christian Univ. Fort Worth, Texas M.A. (Economics ) 1970 Duke University Durham, North Carolina

Ph.D. (Economics ) 1971 Duke University Durham, North CarolinaJuris Doctor, 1981 Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Fields of Specialization: In Law:Anti-trust, Commercial, Contract, Securities

In Finance and Economics:Investments & Portfolio Management, Applied Microeconomics & Public Policy,( inc. Law and Economics, Public Choice, Resource Economics) ; Econometrics and Statistics.

Teaching, Research, and Legal Experience:

Director, Programme in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management, Faculty of Commerce, Univ. of Cape Town.

Snr. Lecturer,Depts. of Economics and Management Science ( Joint Appt. ), Univ. of Cape Town ( 1991 - Present . )

Director, Boston University,Graduate Business Programs - London. 1990-91.

Director, New Zealand Centre for Independent Studies, Auckland, NewZealand,1988-1989.

Chairman, Dept. ofFinance, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 1987- 1988.

Snr. Lecturer, Dept. of Business Economics, Univ. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1985-1987.

Visiting Associate Prof. of Quantitative Methods, Troy State Univ.: European Programmes, Heidelburg, West Germany, 1984

Practising Attorney, North Carolina, U.S.A., 1982-1983.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, Wake Forest Univ., Winston-Salem,North Carolina, 1977-1981.

Visiting Prof., Dept. of Finance, Univ. of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1974-1977.

Assistant Prof.., Dept. of Economics, North Texas State Univ., Denton, Texas, 1970-1974.

Professional Affiliations: Licensed Attorney and Member of the Bar, State ofNorthCarolina;Member of the Bar, Federal Courts of the U.S.A.

Memberships: American Bar Assn. ( Section Member : Labor Law, NaturalResources Law, Business Law ) ; American Economcs Assn. ;Investments Analysts Society; Southern Economics Assn. ;Southern African Finance Assn.

Other Related Experience:
Consultant to South African Water Research Commission
Consultant to South African Confederation of Trade Unions
Consultant to Inkatha Freedom Party
Consultant to New Zealand Treasury
Consultant to South African Financial Services Board
Consultant to South African Tobacco Institute

Publications ( Most recent and/or accepted for Publication ):

Does Advertising Increase Smoking " : Economics, Free Speech and Advertising Bans. London : Institute of Economic Affairs, 1999.

"The State of Law Regarding Advertising of Tobacco Products in the European Community : The Demise of Federalism in the Community " '' Mss. accepted for publication in the Fall 1999 issue of the Journal of International Legal Studies.

"Tobacco Ad Bans Limit Freedom and Don't Work,"The Wall Street Journal Europe, 12 May 1999, p. 8.

The Effects of Advertising on Consumption of Tobacco Products : Review ofInternational Evidence. Johannesburg : The Tobacco Institute, 1997 ( 167 pp.)

"Sustainable Utilization of Game at Rooiport Estate, " in Harvesting Wildlife Species : Implications for Biodiversity Conservation,Curtis Freese (ed.), Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins Press, 1997. Chap. 10, pp. 359-392 [ with T.M. Crowe and B.S. Smith.]

"On the Efficiency of the South African Capital Market," Investment Analysts Journal, No.43 Summer 1995-96, pp. 37- 43 [ with A. Honikman.]

"Biological Sustainability and Financial Profitability of Commercial Greywing Francolin Hunting in the Eastern Highlands of South Africa," in Economics of Conservation of Wildlife Use : Analysis and Case Studies. New York : World Wildlife Foundation , 1995 [ with T.M. Crowe, R.M. Little, and B.S. Smith.]

"Conservation Implications and Financial Potential for Sustainable Utilisation ofGame at Rooiport Estate,Northern Cape Province, South Africa," in Economics of ConservationofWildlife Use., Ibid., 1995.

"Determination of Damages Awards Under Conditions of Exchange Rate Flucuations: Some Problems and Some Solutions," South African J. of Law, Vol. 111 ( May 1994 ), pp. 270 - 290 [ with David Pickering.]

"Restraining Government Spending: On Limiting Government Expenditures in the New South Africa ."This was part of a submission by the Free Market Foundation of S.A. to the Constitutent Assembly writing the new S.A. Constitution. It will become a chapter in a book to be published by the Free Market Foundation of S.A.

"On the Consumptive Use of Wildlife," in Conservation of Southern Africa's Wildlife Resources. { Proceedings of a Symposium of the S.A. Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists, 1994. )

Other Publications:

"New Zealand's Economic and Financial Revolution," Journal of Economic Growth, vol. 4, no. 1 ( Winter 1989-90 ) , pp. 1-15.

"Governmental Attempts to Control Interest Rates," National Business Review (Feb.1989),Pp. 24-26.

"The Share Market Crash and the N.Z. Economy," New Zealand Financial Review ( June 1988), pp. 28-32.

"The Inefficiency of Producer Boards," National Business Review ( Sept. 1988), pp. 7-8.

"Wm. H. Hutt's Model of Racial Discrimination," Managerial and Decision Economics, vol. 9 ( Winter 1988 ), pp. 59-64.

"Wm. H. Hutt : In Memorium," CIS Policy Report. ( Dec. 1988. )

The Theory and Practice of South African Labour Relations ( with R.H.C. Fick.) Johannesburg, Hodder-Stoughtton, 1987.

"The Economic Case of the Legalisation of Insider Trading," Economic Affairs, vol 8 (June/July 1987) , pp. 8-12.

"Counter-critic : A Reply to Palamountain," Economic Affairs, vol. 8 (Dec./Jan., 1988), pp. 30-32.

The Health Care Market of South Africa and Its Medical Manpower Needs to the Year 2010( with W.D. Reekie and D.R. Scott . ) Johannesburg : The Univ. ofthe Witwatersrand Press, 1987.

"Consumer Credit Regulation in Texas," Texas Law Review, vol. 50, no. 2 (March 1972), pp. 463-473.

"On the Lifetime Allocation of Earnings," in The Retirement Process. Francis M. Karp ( ed.), 1971 [ with Juanita Kreps. ]

"Inequality of Income in Mississippi : 1950-1960," Mississippi Business Review ( Sept. 1970), pp. 9 - 14.

Book Reviews:

"Challenge to the NHS : A Study of Competition in American Health Care andthe Lessonsfor Britain," by David Green. In South African J.. ofEconomics, vol. 52 ( June 1987), pp. 187-190.

"Wage-Fixing Revisited," by J.E. Meade, in South African J. of Economics, vol. 54 ( June 1986), pp. 230-233.

"Competition and Home Medicine," by W.D. Reekie, in South African J. of Economics, vol. 54 ( June 1986 ) , pp. 235-237.

"Research in Law and Economics, Vol. IV", by Jack Hirschliefer (ed.), inSouthern Economic Journal ( Oct. 1983 ) pp. 606-608.

"Law and Economics: An Institutional Perspective," by W.J. Samuels and A.A. Schmid, eds., in Southern Economics Journal, vol. 48 ( Oct. 1982 ), pp. 821-822.

Recently Completed or Presented Papers:

"Mean Reversion on the JSE" , paper submitted forpublication to Studies in Economics and Econometrics ( 1999. )

"Advertising ofTobacco Products : A Review of the Evidence,"A Paper to be Presented at the 1998International Symposium on the Economics ofTobacco Control.

"A Benchmark-Free Evaluation of South African Unit Trusts : 1970-1992," with M.J. Hobson And T.Garvin. Paper presented at the Southern Finance Assn. Meeting, Charleston, S.C.(Nov. 1994 )

"A Reluctant Case for Private Deposit Protection Insurance in South Africa,"invited papergiven at the Conference on Investor Protection, Reserve Bank ofSouth Africa, Pretoria (April 1994.)

"Sustainable Hunting of Greywing Francolin ( Francolinus Africanus ) in the Eastern Highlands of South Africa: Financial Profitability and Socio-Cultural Benefits," submitted to Biodiversity and Conservations [ with R. M. Little and T.M. Crowe. ]

Current Research:

Forthcoming chapter on "Financial and Economic Policies in the New South Africa," in The New South Africa : Fast Forward into the Past. To be published in South Africa in 1998.

'The Relationship between Development of Financial Markets and Economic Growth andDevelopment in South Africa : 1955- 1995.'

'Deposit Protection in South Africa : Some Policy Considerations.'

'Water Pricing and the Behaviour of Farmers.'

'The Efficiency of the Spot, and the Futures, Markets for Precious Metals.'

'A Critique of the S.A. Law Commission's Recommendations for an Unsconsciousability Statute for South Africa.'

'The Takings Issue in South Africa:A Curious Case ofDe Facto Takings Under the new South African Constitution.'


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