Passive Smoking

The EPA's Betrayal Of Science And Policy

by Dr. John Luik and Dr. Gio Gori

Presentation by FORCES

The assault on civil liberties by irresponsible health authorities is based on junk science, that is, science that is not following proper scientific procedure because it is bent by political agendas. This social problem has reached pandemic proportions in several countries.Though particularly acute in the case of tobacco, this phenomenon is widespread in many areas of politics. But because this ominous trend to misuse science for social control is largely invisible to the general voting public, it has gone unchecked.

The publication of Passive Smoke: The EPA's Betrayal of Science and Policy, by Dr. John Luik and Dr. Gio Gori, may go a considerable way toward changing this state of affairs. It is a powerful and shocking critique of today's science and public policy procedures, highlighting the social and political dangers that these pose. Written in a lively and accessible style, it is an indispensable and timely "wake up call" for both the public health community, and citizens.

The authors address in detail the specific problem of the frauds about Environmental Tobacco Smoke by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, an agency which has the power to affect many countries outside the US.Even though the "Class A carcinogen" classification of ETS has been vacated by a US Federal Court Sentence, social control in the form of the persecution of smokers continues to spread in several countries though it has absolutely no scientific reason to exist.

How has this happened? "It is the post modernist assertion that perception is reality, the totalitarian argument of oppression that has led to so much injustice, the same argument of self-serving bigotry that burnt witches at the stake," the authors warn.>/p>

This important book demolishes from the foundations the rationale of smokers' persecution, and we expect that it will be immediately attacked by the cartel as "tobacco industry propaganda," irrespectively of its arguments, for they threaten the cartel's unscientific and undemocratic agenda of social control.

But Gori and Luik keep reminding us that the truth is there to be faced-- even if the criminal health authorities of many countries have decided long ago to turn their heads the other way.

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