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"We believe that we have established with reasonable certainty the existence of a number of possible health risks associated with cigarette smoking that the public should be made aware of . . . Further action, if any, is the individual responsibility of the ordinary citizens of this country."

This is what Don Oakley imagines the Advisory Committee to the U.S. Surgeon General might have recommended in its landmark 1964 report. Smoking and Health. Instead, on the basis of a handful of questionable studies, it called for "appropriate remedial action" on a national scale.

The report immediately assumed the status of Holy Writ and "action" was eventually translated into a full-blown crusade that has had profund, pernicious and seemingly endless consequeces on American socieity: the ostracizing of and discrimination against smokers . . . the secondhand smoke hysteria . . . the prostitution of science for the politically correct end of a "smoke-free" society . . . the legal plundering of the tobacco industry . . . and on and on.

Slow Burn is not written primarily for smokers (although they have been taken in by the Great American Antismoking Scam along with everyone else). Nonsmokers who value truth and fairness will find the book an eyeopener and an alarm-bell warning about what the excesses of the antismoking crusade could ultimately cost them and their country in terms of diminished personal freedom and responsibility.

The Author

A former newspaper editorial writer (and smoker for 53 years), Don Oakley first critiques the famous report and discovers that if the emperor was not naked, he was very scantily clad. In subsequent chapters he examines the flaws and exaggerations of the most important smoking studies conducted since 1964, as well as listing those studies exonerating smoking which the public has never heard about; exposes the lies and tactics of the professional antismoking establishment and, from a highly personal standpoint but in documented detail, recounts both the major and the minor events in the antismoking crusade of the past 35 years, the ludicrous along with the lamentable.

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