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The Forest Smoker?s Guide To Scotland

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  The FOREST Smokerís Guide to Scotland
The FOREST Smokerís Guide to Scotland is published by Quiller Press and goes on sale in all good bookshops throughout Britain from Tuesday 11 August 1998 at £7.95.It is also available direct from FOREST, Audley House, 13 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HX.

Those who wish to order on line over the internet may do so from the Barnes and Noble on-line bookstore

Or order from your local bookshop by providing this information: title, author, and ISBN number 1-899 163- 31-X.

James Leavey's other British travel guide for smokers, The FOREST Guide to Smoking in London is published by Quiller Press (£7.95) and is still available from all good bookshops and from Barnes and Noble on line.


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