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By James Leavey

Jerry Springer-Jerry Springer was born in London in 1944 of Jewish parents who fled Nazi Germany, and arrived in New York City as an immigrant at the age of five.He earned a B.A. in political science from Tulane University, a law degree from Northwestern, and his first job was as one of Senator Robert F Kennedy's presidential campaign aides.After Bobby Kennedy's assassination, Springer joined a major law firm and entered politics.He served as Cincinnati's Council-at-Large for five years and in 1977 became one of the country's youngest mayors.Then he moved into broadcasting and became a top-rated news anchor and nightly political commentator on Cincinnati's WLWT-TV for ten years, winning ten Emmy's for his work, including reporting from famine-stricken Ethiopia and Sudan.The Jerry Springer Show was premiered in 1991 and has since become the fastest rising show in the history of television, as well as the most controversial, noted for the bleeped obscenities of its guests, andfights.It is seen by 25 million people a day in over 40 countries.
Matt 'Mr. Cigar' Alan- An in-depthinterview with the swift-thinking, wise-cracking, cigar-totin',martini-guzzling, magician/presenter of 'Outlaw Radio - Live fromthe Lighten Up lounge', who exhales across the Cable Radio Networkto over 26 million homes across America every week. Catch up with him at www.mrcigar.com.
Kevin Laffan - The author, playwright, TV dramatist, and creator of thefamous British TV soap 'Emmerdale', recently wrote his first novel, 'Virgins AreIn Short Supply.' He also wrote a TV play, 'Decision to Burn', starring fellowsmoker, Anthony Hopkins.
Russ Abbot - The comedian and Britain's former Pipesmoker of theYear tells James Leavey how he lights up.
Sir Tom Courtney - At least the non-smoking British film and stageactor is, thank God, not an anti-smoker.
Peter de Savary - The entrepreneurial founder of The Carnegie Club atSkibo Castle, the former Highland home of Andrew Carnegie, lights up.
Antony Worral Thompson - Britain's top TV chef lights up in his own restaurant in WestLondon, while giving James Leavey his recipe for asmoker-friendlier world.
Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE - JL: For a life-long smoker, you arevery fit. - JS:"I’ve run 214 marathons, done the Lands End-John O’Groats three times, andover 300 professional cycle races including the first tour of Britain in1951.  When I was wrestling, I enjoyed 107 pro-fights."
Joseph Connolly - The writing of British best-sellingauthor of eight humorous novels has been described as“Laugh-out-loud-funny” and “irresistible and extremely funny – like aweird mix of Charles Dickens and Kingsley Amis.” His novel, Summer Things,became a bestseller in France and UG has just turned it into a featurefilm with a “huge budget” and a “dream cast” that includes CharlotteRampling, and Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of Serge), directed by MichelBlanc.  This is the first film made from one of Connolly’s books. JamesLeavey interviewed Joseph Connolly about a year ago.
Su Pollard - The Britishcomedian and actress, and star of the BBC TV's famous sitcom, Hi-Di-Hi, doesn'tlight up.
Trevor Baylis - The British inventor of the clockwork radio, lights up. If only hewould invent  something that would knock some sense, and alittle tolerance, into the thick skulls of vehementanti-smokers...
Barry Cryer - The British comedy writer and raconteur tells FORCES to…lightenup!
Tracey Emin - The outspoken, provocative Londonartist, speaks up...
Kinky Friedman - JL: Where did you first start smoking" KF: In my anus. JL:What cigars do you smoke now" KF: Now, I smoke themin my mouth. Orally.  I enjoy any kind of Cuban cigars that I canget hold of.  I like Montecristo No. 2s, and Epicure No. 2s.  Ismoke cigars that are big, like a Negro penis. For an introductionto this interview, read: The day JamesLeavey first met Kinky Friedman.
Sir Patrick Moore - Britain’s mostfamous astronomer is a man of few words.  Here’s a few of them onsmoking.
Sir Christopher Frayling - The former-smoker and currentRector of the Royal College of Art in London – where he is alsoProfessor of Cultural History, and author of  ‘Sergio Leone –Something to do with death’, the definitive biography of the lateItalian cigar-friendly film-maker.
Bernard Manning - The notoriouslypolitically-incorrect Mancunian comedian, lights up.
Sir Colin Davis - Pipe smoking is music to theworld famous classical music conductor’s ears…

Dame Beryl Bainbridge - TheLiverpool-born novelist airs her views…

Marlene Dietrich! --  Peter Riva, 51, is aliterary agent and TV documentary producer who lives and works inNew York.  He agreed to share an ashtray on behalf of his late,legendary grandmother – the Berlin-born singer-actress whoglamourised smoking in the first half of the 20thcentury, in such films as ‘The Blue Angel’ and ‘Destry RidesAgain’.  December 27, 2001, marked the centenary ofDietrich’s birth.
Henk de Vries --  The founder and ownerof the Bulldog Café, Holland’s first cannabis café, which opened inAmsterdam, 27 years ago, sounds off…
Lalo Schifrin -- The Hollywood composer (Bullitt, Mission:Impossible, The Cincinatti Kid, The Liquidator, The Four Musketeers,Buddy Buddy, Cool Hand Luke, Kelly’s Heroes, Dirty Harry, TheBeguiled etc etc!!!) pipes up from anti-smoking California.
Burt Kwouk -- The Chinese actor whoplays Cato, the Martial-Art manservant and foil to Peter Sellers’Inspector Clouseau…
Geno Washington --The legendary black American soul singer fromEvansville, Indiana, produced, with the Ram Jam Band, two of thebiggest selling albums (Hand Clappin’ – Foot Stomping’ – Funky Butt– Live! AND Hipsters, Flipsters, And Finger Poppin’ Daddies) of the1960s in the UK, both recorded live.  He was the subject of Dexy’sMidnight Runners UK chart-topping tribute single, Geno, in 1980.
John Entwistle --James Leavey was one of thelast journalists to interview The Who’s late, lamented bass andFrench horn player.
JL: So what you do when you go to a fancyrestaurant in America and have an expensive meal, and they tell youthat you can’t light up" JE:Leave. JL:  Do you think smokinghas made a positive contribution to your work as a musician"JE:  No. JL:Do you worry about the potentially harmful effects of smoking" JE: No.
Al Alvarez --Al Alvarez, poet,critic, anthologist and poker player, whose autobiography, WhereDid It All Go Right" was published in March 2002, pipes up…
JL: How do you feel about all this anti-smokinghysteria" AA: ...You feel, when you get to California, they’d put you infucking chains if they see you smoking.  This is a form ofparanoia.  Everybody loves that un-earned moral superiority,where they feel that anything that infringes what they prefer is anoffense.  I think it’s post-Stalinism; everybody wants to betold what to think and what to do.
Christopher Lee --Alive and loving it -- ' The man behind some of the cinema's most terrifying villains and creatures of the dark was prematurely buried in Baseline's Encyclopedia of Film, which dated his demise at 31 March 1993. So it was with some trepidation that I shook hands with Christopher Lee, biting my tongue to avoid blurting out something obvious like, "Well, I see the sun's gone down, then." '

IanShaw -- I was sitting on a double-decker flame-red London bus, unlit Fox cigar in hand (at least that's not illegal, yet) skimming through Ian Shaw's official biography which I'd earlier downloaded from his Boston agent via the Internet and a young man opposite asked: "Who's Ian Shaw""

"Who wants to know"" I replied."My name's Ian Shaw and I'm a systems analyst," he said."Well you're fortunate to share a name with one of the greatest male jazz vocalists to emerge from Britain in the last few decades," I explained, patiently, wishing I could light up the Corona.It's a small world.

Stanford Newman -- Stanford Newman has been a driving force in America's cigar industry for over 60 years.The proud patriarch of the USA's oldest cigar family, he first started working for his father in his school vacations in 1930."I got into the business full time in 1938 but I didn't want to because many of my father's friends in the industry said only old men smoke cigars," said Stanford, now 80."So I said to my father 'this isn't very good because maybe in five years' time the old men will die and there won't be any business.'He said 'Son, there will be new old men all the time.'
JanOlofsson--Jan Olofsson was one of Sweden's first pop stars (known in the late fifties as Rock-Ola) before he went to Hamburg, met the Beatles and came to London to work as a photographer in the Swinging Sixties. He also produced for his own company, Young Blood Records, several hit records in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, including Desmond Dekker's Israelites, Rod (under the name of Python Lee Jackson) Stewart's In a Broken Dream, I Remember Elvis, the classic football anthem, Nice One Cyril, as well as country music for Dr John, Willie Nelson and the late Hoyt Axton, and several hits for Mac & Katie Kissoon. As we enter a new millennium, Jan Oloffson's musical career has stretched to four decades, with the recent release of two new albums: Cigars from Havana, featuring 18 original songs by his 22-year-old Cuban wife, Anita, and The Cuban Revolution.



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