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James Leavey's Corner
  By James Leavey

Britainís most famousastronomer is a man of few words.  Hereís a few of them on smoking.

JL: Where did you startsmoking"

PM: I started at the ageof 16, to keep awake at night when I was driving an ambulancethrough the Blitz.

JL: What do you smokenow"

PM: Three Nuns pipetobacco.

JL: Have you ever smokedanything else but a pipe"

PM: I have only tried twocigarettes in my life.  And one cigar, I think.

JL: What do you say whensomeone asks you to put your pipe out"

PM: I never smoke anywhere where someone would object.

JL: Who would you mostlike to share a smoke with"

PM: Edmond Halley, theEnglish astronomer and mathematician.  As he died in 1742, I thinkit is most unlikely.

JL: Is smoking cool"

PM: Yes.

JL: Why"

PM: Why not.

JL: Do you smoke aftersex"

PM: Iíve never looked.

JL: Ever set fire to abed"

PM: No.

JL: What is yourfavourite smoking moment"

PM: When I am sitting atmy typewriter working.

JL: Have you ever lit upyour pipe to celebrate a cosmic event"

PM: I donít think so,really.

JL: Whose doorwaywould you like most to smoke in"

PM: My own.

JL: Have you ever thoughtof giving up smoking"

PM: No.

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