The Turnip Truck Of State

By Norman E. Kjono, June 17, 2007

Rep. Inslee and Sen. Cantwell,

 I write in follow-up to my communication last week, including two additional points of information. 

1. Please see MSN Careers, "Smokers: A Drag in the Workplace?" which states in part: 

"We've all worked with them - self-proclaimed "smokers" who mysteriously disappear for longer (and more often) than their designated 15-minute breaks. Have you ever wondered how smoking affects work performance? Some smokers argue that smoke breaks are used as a time to reflect on what's been accomplished and work that still needs to be done, thus making them more productive than non-smokers. But a new study shows smokers have poorer-than-average work performance and productivity; they also tend to call in sick more. In a study of more than 14,000 Swedish workers, Petter Lundborg, Ph.D., an economist at the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, found smokers took an average of almost 11 more sick days than non-smokers. The number was adjusted to account for smokers' tendency to choose riskier jobs and have poorer underlying health, bringing the difference to just below eight days a year, Lundborg wrote in his study, which was published in the April 2007 issue of Tobacco Journal." (Underline added.)  

2. Please see below excerpt concerning Dick Morris' new book "Outrage:" 

Dick Morris: America Is Mad As Hell! 

Political strategist Dick Morris comes out swinging in his latest book and lands punches on a lot of individually named noses, many "do-nothing congressmen" who have, according to the author, joined a litany of other shameless rip-off artists like the United Nations and big drug companies. 

Morris, who in tandem with co-author Eileen McGann, wrote "Outrage: How Illegal Immigration, the United Nations, Congressional Rip-offs, Student Loan Overcharges, Tobacco Companies, Trade Protection, Drug Companies are Ripping Us Off and What to Do About It," (HarperCollins, 351 pages) tells NewsMax what triggered the creative explosion:  

"We watched Congress become more and more hedonistic, dedicated to their own pleasure and selling out to special interests which pay for their vacations, their campaigns, and, increasingly their families. Too little changed when Congress changed hands and somebody needs to say this, not from a partisan viewpoint, but to be free to say that both sides are corrupt."  

Please be advised that American voters do not store their voter registrations in the glove compartment of a turnip truck. Nor will American voters stay on board as the Congressional turnip truck careens over the fiscal responsibility precipice while their elected representative drive drunk on the elixirs of special-interest perks, campaign donations and back-room power deals. 

Yes, we all know many of you claimed to oppose the war in Iraq, but the observable fact is that we have now been there longer than it took this great nation to win World War II. We also know that a Democrat controlled Congress passed a funding bill to keep that war going indefinitely while the troop commitment increased.  

Yes, we all know that many of you proclaim your support for improved health care access and service when you sponsor and support "Healthy Lifestyles" and "Wellness" legislation. We also know that pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSMithKline were defendants in a class action law suit to stop them from looting medicare and medicaide for $5 billion plus by artificially inflating the cost of drugs through use of "Average Wholesale Price" index. 

Yes, we all know that many of you still catatonically choose to believe tobacco control dogma. We also observe that you choose to do so despite the overwhelming and compelling evidence that the Social Marketing claims to support it are demonstrably false, the programs do not work as represented, and 46 million American voters who smoke are defined by that filthy system as a "Target Group" for predatory marketing, taxation and discrimination practices. 

Yes, we all know that many of you promote the notion that you support an inclusive, diverse, and tolerant America. But we also find it to be no surprise that such foolish ideas as persons who smoke being substandard employees are advanced by a company that was busted by federal Judge Jackson for major antitrust monopoly violations in March of 2000 and whose stock has languished at fractions of its previous highs since then. Those who find it fashionable to fling negative labels and unfavorable stereotypes at others to advance in their career or job are by definition losers. We therefore simply observe those inferior using Social Marketing pap spewed by tobacco control to engage in predatory employment practices, just as they have been busted in the federal courts for engaging in predatory sales practices.  

Yes, we all know that many of you proclaim the "credibility" of Social Marketing themes to "justify" self-serving votes that enrich special-interests at the expense of your consumer constituents. We also know with stunning clarity that the studies-on-demand such as those touted by Microsoft to justify discriminatory employment practices will predictably be "adjusted" to "prove" a "compelling need" for the public policy desired before the study began.  

We could add a few dozen more "we all knows," but the above suffice to make the point. Those who engage in deceptive predatory practices as described above are inferior loses who cannot compete in a free and open market. The define their own defects as a unique political species by the self-serving deals they cut in Congress. Members of Congress who sponsor and voter for such bills define themselves as inferior by association. 

Congress can do as it wishes. Sponsor and vote for any bill you choose. By doing so you define your fitness or unfitness for office representing a great and hard working people. So perhaps the 110th congress should do the special-interest bidding of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline by passing FDA regulation of tobacco and increases in federal excise taxes on cigarettes.  

You can then all go to your "Cigarette Smoke Free" back rooms, light up "Reduced Risk"  cigars and celebrate the "good" job you have done for the American people.   

As you do so, we normal folks will merely remember that our voter registrations are safely tucked away in our wallets, ready for use in November 2008.  

Hard working and honest Americans understand that this great nation can no longer afford inferior, redatory losers driving a Turnip Truck of State. 

Norman E. Kjono 

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From: Norm Kjono []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 4:13 PM
To: 'Congressman Jay Inslee'
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Subject: Congress' Approval Rating

 Rep. Inslee and Sen. Cantwell, 

Today's news article "Republicans Abandoning Bush" reports poll support for both members of Congress and president Bush continue to decline. Indeed, according to this poll members of Congress should envy President Bush's approval ratings. 

We citizens and voters did not vote Democrat in 2006, we voted for change from business as usual. 

Sponsorship and/or voting for a 60 cent per pack increase in federal cigarette excise taxes is a vote for the same business as usual through providing Nicotine Replacement Therapy parity pricing profits for pharmaceutical special interests.  

Sponsorship and or voting for FDA regulation of tobacco is a vote for the same business as usual through providing Nicotine Replacement Therapy artificial market share for pharmaceutical special interests. 

Meanwhile, we read headlines such as "Woman Dies in ER Lobby as 911 Refuses Help."  A medical and drug industry that is making record profits and imposing unwarranted costs on consumers cannot even deliver basic critical condition health care. Meanwhile Congress continues bend to pharmaceutical advocacy as if it had genuine merit for legitimate health care. As people die in ER waiting rooms the best members of Congress can apparently do is throw more consumer dollars into the pharmaceutical till. 

Save taxpayers the cost of sending yet another "Gee, it's great that you took time to write" form mail response that informs constituents you will "Keep their thoughts in mind" as you vote, while utterly ignoring information that have taken the time to compile and send to you. Constructively deal with pharmaceutical special-interests on behalf of your constituents. Your vote for either FDA regulation of tobacco or higher federal cigarette taxes would be a bold statement by you that you support special-interest business as usual at the intended expense of your constituents. Given the current facts available there is no other interpretation possible.  

Tobacco control has its self-serving litmus tests for persons who smoke. Rest assured that voters who smoke have developed a focused litmus test for politicians who support tobacco control by voting for legislative bills that anti-tobacco presents.   

Get 'er done, or please make your current office available to someone who will. 

Norman E. Kjono

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