Politically incorrect, uncompromising and coherent, crystal-clear in its intellectual and moral stands - and scientifically documented to the extreme - FORCES International has a unique identity and position that make it the most visited site on smoking matters in the world.

Vivid and dynamic, our site is visited by millions of friends and foes each year. As it is also multilingual, it represents an ideal place for advertisement, and it literally offers a world-wide, multi-cultural exposure.

Send your banner, tell us where you want it, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please read our rates and advertisement policy below.

Policy || Multilanguage || Special presentations
Conditions for publication || Payments || Sizes and prices of banners

Advertisement policy

FORCES International (FORCES, Inc. - hereinafter FORCES) will advertise any legal product and service on its websites and newsletters ? including tobacco-related products and services ? with the following exceptions:

  • Smoking cessation services and devices.
  • Pharmaceutical promotion.
  • Quit-smoking/antismoking ads, shows and programs of any nature that negatively depict smokers, fat people, drinkers or any other free lifestyle choice.
  • Antismoking, anti-alcohol, food control ? and any other prohibition-oriented product, service and/or organization advocating them directly or indirectly.
  • Products and services related to sex and pornography.
  • Products and services related in any way to racism, sexism and/or other forms of social discrimination and exploitation.

FORCES also reserves to refuse what else, in FORCES? indisputable judgement, is considered damaging to human dignity and personal choice.

Finally, would FORCES become aware of discriminating policies implemented against smoking employees by patrons that are already advertising on its publications (example: firing of smokers who smoke in their own time), or would FORCES discover that those patrons finance, support or facilitate antitobacco, FORCES reserves to terminate the advertisement of the product(s) and/or service(s) in question, forfeiting the balance of the advertising period.

Multilanguage advertisement

The rates below apply to the FORCES websites in English. For the inclusion of other languages (i.e.: German, Italian, etc.) an additional flat fee of $50.00 per language is required. Also, the contents of advertisement may be subject to regulation of local laws.

Special presentation advertisement

Special presentation advertisements (i.e.: short motion pictures video-audio, or audio alone) are accepted even in dedicated pages. The additional cost due to extra band consumption and server space is to be agreed with the staff of FORCES on an individual basis.

Conditions for publication

  • Banners are to be supplied by the customers.
  • Banners can also be designed or adapted by FORCES for a fee. The fee is to be agreed on a one-on-one basis depending on the work and time involved.


  • The payment for the advertisement shall be in advance, save special arrangements.
  • The advertisement begins maximum 10 days after the receipt of the payment, if the customers provides the banner in a timely fashion.
  • The form of payment can be through credit card (online only), cheque or money order to:

    FORCES, Inc.
    Advertising Dept.
    PO Box 54
    Sutton WV 26601

Sizes and prices of advertisement banners

Prices are in United States dollars, and refer to a 12-month period.
Minimum posting time 3 months, with 3-month increments.

In News and Multimedia portals: $1,500.00
In only one portal: $750.00
In News and Multimedia portals: $1,000.00
In only one portal: $ 500.00
In News and Multimedia portals: $500.00
In only one portal: $250.00

In News and Multim. portals.: $250.00
In only one portal: $125.00

In News and Multim. portals: $220.00
In only one portal: $110.00

In News and Multim. portals: $100.00
In only one portal: $50.00

Vertical banners

In News and Multimedia portals:

In only one portal:

In News and Multimedia portals:

In only one portal:

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