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OnApril 1, 2007, smoking will be banned in almost all indoor workplaces and indoor’public places’ in Denmark. There will be an exemption for one-man offices,designated smoking rooms and for bars and cafes of less than 40 square metresthat do not serve food. That was the result of a brief but heated parlamentarydebate, which culminated with a broad political agreement on November 20, 2006.

The law that comes into effect willbe much strictrer than the government proposal. Its proposal was for a ban onsmoking in publicly owned places, restrictions on smoking in restaurants andbars, and freedom of choice for all privately owned workplaces. That all came tonothing.

The antis wereyelping like whipped jackals about an Irish style ban, claiming that everbody inIreland loves the ban. So that was their target prohibition. It almost happened.

The currentagreement is valid until 2009, at which time it is to be 'evaluated'. With thecurrent level of frenzy and anti smoking funding, the few remaining exemptionswill fall like a house of cards in 2009.

For the littlesmokers rights organization DaRyit provided a first experience with the mass media hullaballoh. As chairman ofDaRy, I was interviewed for TV no less than three times in the space of oneweek. Two appearances were live. What a debut!

The smokers inDenmark lost a great battle, without drawing blood from the antis.  The antisroam almost almighty in my little home country.

My onlyconsolement is that I saw it coming more 2 ½ years ago. And I was right in myprediction in my Forces piece The Great Danish Smokeout that a total ban would not be in place untilearliest 2008. This prediction seems to have come true, since now it cannot bein place until 2010.

Englishlanguage link at Copenhagen Post http://www.cphpost.dk/get/99177.html






















































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