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Something is brewing inthe state of Denmark

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It's been some time since I reported from Denmark. Nothing muchhas been happening. But things are beginning to stirr up. Readers familiar withwhat's happening in Hawaii and Colorado have some good news. Bar owners in theUS are not the only protesters. 

First of all, the much advertised smokingban in Denmark has been postponed. It was due for implementation on April 1.2007. Because of various technicalities, the law has not yet passed inparliament. The current timetable sets it due to August 15. I suspect that itwill not come into force until around October. 

Secondly, bar owners in Denmark arebecoming aware of the gravity of the situation. They know from abroad that asmoking ban is a death spell to their businesses. So they have started a protestmovement. 200 bars have joined the protest until now, and more are joining. Theprotesters have a website at www.rygervalg.dk.  On April 18, they are planning a demonstration outside parliament. Adelegation will meet with the parliamentary 'health' comittee. 

Various celebrities have signed a petitionin favor of the bar owners. Given the limited success of celebrity involvementin speakiing out against smoking bans in the past, I think the celebrityinvolvement will be of limited value. But 200 bar owners pack a punch. 

Finally, The Smokers Party is gathering forits founding meeting on March 24. It was scheduled to have taken place onFebruary 24, but due to a snowstorm, the meeting was postponed. Ole Gilberg ofthe Smokers Party is whipping up some interest with his initiative. I shall tryto keep you posted on the progress of this party. It's a most interestingdevelopment. I'll be at the meeting, since I am a member of the party!


































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