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On Tuesday, March 28, 2006, thegovernment of Denmark, a right wing coalition, published its proposal forsmoking regulation in 'public spaces'. Let me start by stating that the proposedregulations allow for at least some freedom of choice. The major points are asfollows:

1) No smoking insidegovernment and publicly owned workplaces and institutions. This also appliesto municipalities.

2) Privacy rights ofcitizens must bre respected. Any institution where citizens live, must beregulated by themselves. So inhabitants of nursing homes will set their ownrules, that apply for their own rooms.

3) Public spaces will bedeclared 'smoke free'. This means shopping malls, sports clubs, sportsarenas, cinemas, theaters, etc. It is not about such a place being publiclyowned, but whether or not the public has access to such places. The law willallow for smoking rooms. Also, hotel rooms will not be 'smoke free'.

4) Private places of workmust employ a 'smoking policy'. Each individual workplace or company setsits own rules, in accordance with a set of conditions. The following rulescan apply:

a) 'Smoke free'property (i.e. indoor and outdoor smoking ban)

b) 'Smoke free'indoors.

c) Smoking allowed insmoking rooms.

d) Smoking allowed inindividual offices.

e) Smoking allowed inshared environments, if every individual concedes.

5) Restaurants. Smokingwill be banned in areas with public access. But seperate smoking rooms, withserving, will be allowed at the owners discretion.

6) Bars and pubs. Bars over100 sq metre are 'smoke free'. Seperate smoking rooms, with beverage servingwill be allowed, at the owners discretion. Bars of less than 100 sq metremay allow smoking everywhere or ban it completely, at the owners discretion.

The law will be discussed, andits final version put to a vote in the autumn of 1006. The law will be in effecton April 1, 2007.

It must be understood that thelaw allows for some choice. Given the coalition partners in the government,which includes the Conservative party, it is not likely that a full indoor banwill be enacted. But anti's are already screaming about smoke sifting throughcracks in doors, that will pollute the 'smoke free' air, and kill all thenonsmokers, who are of course assumed to be smoker racists.

Source: The Danishministery of internal and health affairs (www.indenrigsministeriet.dk)
English brief: http://www.cphpost.dk/get/94765.html






































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