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Readers ofthe Forces pages will be quite familiar with the campaign of denormalizingsmoking and smokers. It applies a great many techniques, and I will focus myattention on a specific one.

Propagandatakes on many forms. The best results are of course achieved if the recipient ofpropaganda does not realize that he is being targeted. We shall zoom in on aspecific piece of propaganda that employs exactly this technique.

In the UK,the National Health Service has launched a hailstorm of advertisements againstsmokers. One of them is a short film (commercial) with a ”boy meets girl - girlsmokes and is shunned by boy because she stinks” content. View it here if you please.

Now what isexactly going on here" On face value, the commercial is pretending to tellsmokers that their habit makes them 'stink'. Let us consider who is going towatch this commercial. Since the smoking rate in the UK is around 25 %, weconclude that 75 % of the audience is going to be non-smokers. Think aboutthis carefully, and you will begin to realize that the non-smokers are theprimary recipients of this piece of propaganda.

Thenon-smokers who view this anti smoking propaganda are being conditioned, orprogrammed if you will, to react in a certain way to smokers. They are beingprogrammed to notice the smell that some smokers have, and shun away from it.All of this conditioning takes place without non-smokers noticing.Why"

Because thecommercial pretends to target smokers, the non-smokers who watch it areunaware that they are being programmed to becoming smoker haters. And that makesthem more receptive to the propaganda loading. That's the whole idea.

The purposeof all propaganda is to coerce men to act according to the wishes of thepropagandists. The propagandists behind the UK 'smokers stink commercial' wantto coerce non-smokers into hating those of their fellow human beings who smoketobacco. The reasoning is, of course, that this hate will eventually cow smokersinto quitting. The non-smokers are being commandeered into the war on smokers,like so many pawns on a chess board.

Now we canunderstand a lot of stuff going on with smoking and smoking related topics.Warning labels on cigarette packs are printed with large types, so thatnon-smokers can read them. Non-smokers will conclude that smokers must be crazyto smoke, which is the whole idea! The promotion of fire-safe cigarettespretends to be a safety measure, but is in fact a propagandistic measure toexhibit smokers as mass murderers. You can continue the list endlessly. All youneed to realize is that smokers have long since become immune to anti smokingpropaganda. But their non-smoking fellow human beings have not, because they donot even realize that they are being propagandized.

Yes, theanti smoking crusade relies on the most sinister and dark sides of human nature. Much more so than meetsthe untrained eye.

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