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Hooray for the WHOFCTC! This garbage will be turned into international law on February 28, 2005.If ever there was a call for a new dark age, the WHO FCTC trumpeted it.

I've read the treatyand the accompanying manual by the name ”Building blocks for tobacco control: ahandbook”. And I've rarely read anything as secteric, oligarchic anddiscriminatory as this manure.

The treaty itselfcalls for the (forced) protection against environmental tobacco smoke.Presumably even the smokers of tobacco must forcibly be protected from it. Evensomeone that does not bother about it must also be protected.

An alarming aspect ofthe treaty is that twice a year its committee holds meetings that are secret.Nobody except the self appointed oligarchy has access to these meetings. Whyaren't we allowed to know what goes on during these meetings" Presumably we willbe fobbed off with an explanation that the meetings are secret so the tobaccoboys don't know what is happening. But that is a trash excuse.

I assure you that thefirst to know what goes on, are the tobacco boys. The true purpose of thissecrecy is to keep the public in the dark about what goes on. We must not know,because we are unfit to know.

In a truly disturbinglanguage, the treaty indirectly admires and promotes unfree constitutions, byimplying all sorts trickery to avoid the unfortunate free constitutions of somecoutries. What the WHO is endorsing, is the idea that constitutions should notbe free! Imagine if someone actually came to a conclusion contradicting theviews of WHO, based on information that was available thanks to freeconstitutions. Now we can't have that, can we" The oligarchy must be allowed torule without the interference of informed citizens.

The treaty evenprohibits the use of terms that imply that one form of tobacco products is lessrisky in use than another – even if it is true! It thus mandates misinformation! The treaty also denigrates the use of smokeless tobaccoeven though it is virtually harmless. What kind of dung treaty is that"

When it comes to themanual that accompanies the treaty, matters turn from bad to worse.

The manual denigratestobacco smokers unbashfully. It calls for discrimination of tobacco smokers. Itclaims that smokers are bad employees. It claims that smokers involve healthtreatment costs that prevent the treatment of nonsmokers. All of the usualcollection of baseless lies.

The manual also,quite unprecedented in any UN affiliated organization, advocates committeerigging by suggesting a number of tactics to be employed in order to avoidthat anyone sympathetic to tobacco smoking be part of decision making concerning'smoking policies' (prohibition). [*]

Finally, the manualsuggests a number of tactics to use to manipulate the media and the public, inorder to achieve the tobacco free society.

The UN was foundedduring the second World War, to promote world advancement and freedom. Today,one of its suborganizations employ the very tactics that the founders of theorganization went to war to combat. Amazing!

Welcome to thesmokefree freedom, founded on the basis of discrimination, committee rigging andsecret meetings. I wonder what other similar freedoms these leeches have instore for us"

[*] Check page 63. "The composition of these committees should be carefullystudied. As a general rule: aim for the broadest possible representation buttake care not to include those who would impede or counter the committee'sefforts at controlling the tobacco epidemic. The following groups orinstitutions should be carefully evaluated for their potential to advance thedevelopment of the national plan of action for tobacco control, based on theparticular situation in each country. Select only the essential members to keepthe size of the committee manageable.

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