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In 1974, oneMarc Lalonde, Minister of Health in Canada, published a paper titled ”ANew Perspective on the Health of Canadians”. Readers of the Forces pages maybe familiar with the title of this publication. But how many have actually readit" Until recently, I had not.

Studying thishealthist manifesto allowed me insight into the fundamentals of the propagandathat we are exposed to every day, through newspapers, television, novels andother channels of indoctrination. ”A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians”is a despicable medieval parchment. It reduces man to a pawn in a gigantic gameplayed by the directors of healthism.

A newperspective"

As for thenewness of the perspectives presented in the document, let us examine them withthis excerpt from page 8 of the report:

Nightlyrest and daily bread, the ordinary use of our limbs, and senses, andunderstandings, are gifts which admit of no comparison with any other.”

Oh, really"Millennia of experience speak to the contrary. Acting man has chosen to indulgein opium, prostitution and alcohol. He has chosen to smoke tobacco. He haschosen skydiving and mountaineering. All these things are supposedly monstrouslydangerous -- and they are also exhilaratingly attractive.

What do themindless healthists come up with to counter this" They resort to stating thatacting man is wrong! He is not aware of the wonders of hot porridge and coldshowers! He must be coerced into the right habits ways.... There is no inklingof any new perspective here.

The fallacy ofpublic health

Next let mepoke the lance at a glaring fallacy. From the same page (page 8) we have thefollowing quote:

Yet, whensickness strikes, the patient expects rapid, quality care; all availableresources must be marshalled on his or her behalf with little regard for cost.”

Thus thehealthist elite speaks out in rage against acting man and his ignorance.

What is actingman supposed to do" The robber barons of welfare statism, by offering theseservices free of charge, have effectively stripped him of any incentive todiscover the costs of medical treatment. Through taxation, the welfare staterobs acting man of the means of providing himself with the services. Sinceacting man has no incentive for studying life choices and their alleged healthcosts, the welfare state throws more money into massive health campaigns in avain attempt to make up for its own shortcomings. It is a circular tyranny.

It is clearthat those at fault are the welfare-staters, who, armed with the pretence ofsocial correctness, attempt to run the lives of acting men.

The rule ofliberty

In a free stateacting man would have the liberty to choose as he sees fit. He could gathersavings for future eventualities. He could strengthen his family bonds in thehope that his siblings might help him out in need. He could draw out insurance.He could prepare in many ways.

When faced witha medical condition requiring treatment, he would choose between services onoffer, and select the one he felt best served his needs and means.

In such aworld, the physician is not a tyrant. He is a servant of acting man. Thephysician offers his services to paying customers. No parliamentary squabblesare required as to how much money must be spent on health care. Nobody needs toknow. Acting man decides for himself.

Acting manwould then place health care along with all of the other services and goods thathe chooses between. He has the incentive to act, and the power to do so. Such isthe rule of liberty.

This is thecore of the problem addressed in ”A New Perspective on the Health of Canadians”.No matter how many commissions are appointed, how many calculations are made andhow much propaganda is dissipated, the problems of public health will persist.Why" Because public health is the problem. This problem can only be eliminatedby its abolition.

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