Søren Højbjerg

Big Fat Zero

The Irish have been subject to strange masters during the course of their history. It seems to be the fate of those poor people that some tyranny always gets the better of them. While English nobility expolited the Irish for centuries, there has been an interlude for almost 90 years where they were without external masters. But in 2004, that all changed. The new tyrant descended upon the green isles, and took grip and fervor among the common people - anti tobacco!

Just as in the past, lackeys and traitors can always be found among the locals and recruited to do the unpleasant job of the foreign masters. The lackeys have taken up dwelling in the Office of Tobacco Control in Dublin, from where they spew their junk science about drifting, killing tobacco smoke clouds. In fact, they have just released another piece of psychopathic nonsense about the 'health' benefits of 'smoke free' pubs.

Read the rubbish here if you want, or don't bother. I'll take you through it all in a few brief moments.

The idea behind this report seems to be to promogulate 'smoke free' bars all over planet earth, by examining healthy 'smoke free' pubs in Ireland, with unhealthy 'smokey' pubs all over the world. Like spreading a phial through Irish pubs, the Office of Tobacco Contro in Dublin hopes the 'smoke free' disease spreads to all parts of the world.

The red herring in the report is a measurement of 'particulate matter' that has allegedly been reduced by 90% in the 'smoke free' pubs. This is pretended to have great health benefits for the staff. A reduction of 90%. Is that all? That could have been accomplished by opening a window! But rather than let you be fooled by this red herring, let me reveal to you what the study does not measure.

It does not measure the health improvement of the 'protected' staff. And had it been measured, I already know what the result would have been, a

Big Fat Zero.

Nothing. No improvement. Dave Kunemann and Michael J. McFadden have already done a US study on the 'magnificant' health gains from 'smoke free' laws in the US. To our great surprise, they came up with a:

Big Fat Zero.

Thus while citizens all over the world continue to die of real diseases, caused by real threats, psychopathic nutheads circle the globe with molecule measuring equipment, exploiting the dying and suffering, so that they can have a ball promoting 'smoke free' places.

At the end of the report, we see the reference material. All of the usual suspects appear in the list - Glantz, Repace, EPA, CDC and other con artists. I can only gape at the amount of ressources that 'public health' has invested into generating this 14 page piece of propaganda trash. What a gross waste of money. If Forces International annually could lay its hands on the ressources spent on this single piece of junk science, what a different world there might be.

On page 11, I found the only pronouncement of truth in the entire report. It goes like this:

"There are limitations to this study".

I contend that to be a prime candidate in the contest for the anti tobacco understatement of the year. The truth is, that the report provides us with an exhorbitantly expensive

Big Fat Zero

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