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The EU hasinstitutionalized the regulation of nicotine in cigarettes. As of january 1,2002, the maximum nicotine yield in cigarettes has been set at 1 mg prcigarette. In 2007 this limit will also apply to the republic of Greece. Whatare the implications of this regulation"

In order to assertainthis, let us examine what smoking is basically about.

Smoking is theconsumption of toxins found in tobacco. The main toxin is nicotine. A smokertypically maintains a certain consuption of nicotine, and does not deviate fromthis level during the course of his or her smoking life.

Suppose, for the sakeof the argument, that we have a smoker that has a consumption of 20 cigarettesper day, each with a yield of, say, 1.5 mg of nicotine. How will this smokerreact to the lowering of nicotine yields in cigarettes to only 1 mg of nicotine"

Since the smoker hasconsumed 30 mg of nicotine, it follows that this consumption can only bemaintained by smoking 30 cigarettes pr day. The implication of this downregulation is that the authorities in the EU are deliberatly trying to poisoncigarette smokers, either by forcing them to die even more prematurely than theymight have, or by some magical whim to entice them to quit.

Lowering the nicotinecontent of cigarettes is not a proven way of enticing people to quit smoking. Ican virtually prove that it will entice them to smoke more, placing heavierburdens on their bodies.

The result is goingto be that millions of EU citizens will be deliberatly and maliciously killed bythe authorities of the EU. The mass murder of jews by european facists will palein comparison to what the EU has in store for cigarette smokers.

Shame be on the EUtobacco authorities. History will treat them harshly.

An appeal.

I place an appealhere, to those that manufacture counterfiet cigarettes.

Please startmanufacturing cigarettes with stronger nicotine yields. Good yields would belike 1,5 and 2 mg nicotine pr cigarette. Try to keep tar levels low. You knowhow to measure this. Bring them to the black market. Tell the customer that theyare stronger, and why this can help them smoke less. Make your own brands orlookalike brands. Print the nicotine yield on the packages. And please betruthful about it. The smokers are your customers. Treat them well, and theywill remain faithful to you.

Bring thosecigarettes to the EU and sell them there. Smokers need them, to protectthemselves from damage enforced upon them by evil authorities.









































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