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A majornewspaper in Denmark featured a full page article on the future of tobaccocontrol, in its Sunday August 28, 2005 issue. The major proponent of tobaccocontrol in Denmark, the Danish Cancer Society (DCS), was given free accessto the newspaper, by a journalist, Lars Henrik Aagaard, that declareshimself to be a future non-smoker! So he exhibits the masochisticbehavior of stabbing himself in the back!

Let me give yousome highlights of the article:

  • The ‘experts’ from the DCSestimate that in 25 years the ‘core’ of tobacco smokers will be the same asthe current ‘core’ of cannabis smokers.

  • Smokers will be inticed to stopsmoking by pressure from their peers.

  • The ‘experts’ claim that they donot believe that smoking tobacco will be made illegal.

  • The ‘experts’ believe that a‘poison monopoly’ will be created, so that the few pesky smokers will buyheavily regulated and pompously taxed tobacco products there. In order topurchase at such a ‘monopoly’ one would have to register.

  •  The ‘experts’ claim that thedenigration of smokers is only in its beginning phases. More denigration,hate and daemonization will follow, they confidently proclaim.

  • The DCS claims that the firstmajor ‘advance’ will be the introduction of prohibition against smoking in‘public’ places (which obviously includes ‘private’ places).

  • Total prohibition will beinduced in private homes where nurses, caretakers etc. work.

  • Tobacco prices will be doubledor tripled according to current standards (which are already taxed. A packof 20 smokes is about 4 $. The DCS nuts are claiming that 20 smokes will be8 - 12 $ - for leaves!).

  • A ban against ‘addictive’additives in cigarettes will be enacted.

  • A ‘request’ that smokers are notportrayed as ‘heroes’ in films. The ‘experts’ refer to a danish TV seriescigarette smoking hero. The series won an award in the US!

This is thetendancy in great parts of the western world, and this tendancy will also cometo Denmark, the DCS claims, because the tolerance to smokers is being reducedand more prohibitions are being accepted.

A four decadeadvocate against tobacco, one female ‘doctor’ by the name Inge HaunstrupClemmensen, resorts to pure hypocrasy by stating the following:

“It is not adevelopment that I applaud, but I hear from more and more former smokers thatthey are beginning to look down at smokers....”.

Of course IngeHaunstrup Clemmensen applauds it - she is actively involved in instigating thisdevelopment!

Morehightlights from the article:

  • In Taiwan it is prohibited tosell tobacco products to pregnant women (just like in the good old days insmoke ‘free’ Nazi Germany!).

  • The definitive ‘knock out’against the incarnated smokers would be a nicotine ‘vaccine’. This alleged‘vaccine’ would make it impossible for nicotine to reach the brain. Onewonders what pleasures would then replace the nicotine" Perhaps the safestwould be to vaccinate everybody against any form of pleasure, thusrelegating us all to the nirvana of collective, egalitarian depression....

  • Glutting at the prohibitionistUS state of California, the DCS claims that smoking rates in that state area mere 17 %. The DCS ‘experts’ carefully omit to mention that the PeoplesRepublic of California is about to mandate warning labels on bread andfrench fries!

The mostinteresting information in the article is undoubtably the revelation that theDCS has a target year of 2007 for the introduction of smoke free (aka. smokingprohibition) laws in Denmark.

So, a littlemore than 1 year remains for liberty seeking people in Denmark to repel suchattempts, if the DCS has things its way.

Perhaps alittle more time will actually be available. My guess is more like 2008.

The flag offreedom is still swaying over the little kingdom of Denmark, but anti tobaccoadvocates are doing their best to undermine it. Time will show whether they willprevail.







































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