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Having lately hailed Lord NimmoSmiths verdict stating that it is not proven that smoking tobacco causes cancerof lung, I note that Norman Kjono has sniffed out the truth in the NationalCancer Institute’s discovery that environmental tobacco smoke is not the majorcause of lung cancer among nonsmokers. Let me just reiterate:

...Theseresults also "suggest that exposure to carcinogens in environmental tobaccosmoke may not be the major pathogenic factor involved in the origin of lungcancers in never smokers but that an as_yet_unidentified carcinogen(s) playsan important role.”

So there youhave it.

NCI speculatesthat tobacco smoke does not cause lung cancer in never smokers. Perhaps, then,it does not cause cancer of lung among smokers either" Major, major,MAJOR bummer! We’ll see.

The‘unidentified carcinogen(s)’ that play(s) an important role among never smokers,is perhaps the same carcinogen that plays an ‘important role’ among smokers too.Major, major, MAJOR bummer! We’ll see.

In themeantime, the train of smoking bans will steam on. We will be left in the darkas to what is the true cause of lung cancer, while anti-tobacco continuesit’s zealous attempts to wipe out harmless clouds of tobacco smoke from theatmosphere of the earth.

Perhaps themystery substance is environmental tobacco snuff....









































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