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The scientific archive that debunks 50 years of superstitions onsmoking


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Anti smokers are amazing. They are the onlypeople that, when presented with the truth about why people smoke or usetobacco, fail to grasp it. Serve it on a silver platter in front of them, andthey just don’t see it. It’s like throwing pearls at a pig.

On the Forces website,Norman Kjono used a quote from The Los Angeles Times, April 25, 2005, “Beyond ACraving,” by one Charles Duhigg. Observe what happens when a grub finds royaljelly:

“By profiling dedicatedcigarette addicts, scientists hoped they would find common traits and usethat knowledge to design anti_smoking campaigns. What they have found,however, has proved more controversial than most researchers expected:Smokers are more depressed and suffer a higher rate of anxiety disorders andother psychological maladies. At the same time, nicotine may provide amental boost that helps them cope. These finding (sic) help explain whysome people won't quit, experts say. ‘We thought understanding the smoker'smind would help us end tobacco use,’ said Gerald Markle, professor ofsociology at Western Michigan University’ “.

Professor Gerald Marklewants to understand the smoker’s mind. Maybe he should try to understand his ownmind.

Tobacco usemay provide a mental boost.

How much more clearly do youwant it spelled out, you anti smoking imbicile"

I have a liking for quotingthat cigar-smoking titan, Winston Churchill. Here’s what he said of one of hiscontemporaries, Stanley Baldwin, in a quote that springs to my mind:

“He occasionally stumbledover the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing hadhappened.”

That’s what happens when agrub by the name Gerald Markle finds royal jelly.








































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