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ASHand the smoker hating crusader, John Banzhaf, raises the stakes in a doublewhammy. First he calls for the abolition of smokersfrom the workplace. Second he announces litigation against Big Soda. Seems to me that this man is simply playing theroulette, and raising the stakes every time. Quits or double. And the publicbuys it!

The smoker haters adore John Banzhaffor his tobaccocaust instigated in 1970. They also approve of his litigationagainst the food industry. They claim that it will 'help' to 'improve' the'health' of Americans, in the same way that smoker hate has 'improved' health.

ASH is an acronym for Action onSmoking and Health. We all know that there has been a lot of action on smoking.Smoking is down. Let us look at how ASH has contributed to 'improve' health.

When ASH was founded in 1970, Americanconsumers smoked 530 billion cigarettes (according to ATF), and 70.000 Americanssuccumbed to lung cancer (according to CDC). Today, as ASH celebrates its 35'thyear of smoker hating, American consumers smoke around 400 billion cigarettes.Lung cancer deaths have more than doubled (163.500 according to ACS) and are onthe rise. I think we can all understand that John Banzhaf is simply covering upthe misery that ASH has heaped upon America and the rest of the globe, bycalling for ever more sinister persectutions of smokers.

It's a distraction technique. A magician would call it 'smoke'. I can onlyponder at what a shrink would call it.

Pause for a moment, and 'inhale' it. Cigarette smoking is down 25 percent, andlung cancer is up 250 percent. Yes, there has been a lot of action on smokingand health! ASH certainly has cause for celebration, because only a few informedhave discovered the magnitude of the fraud.

The tobaccocaust instigator wants to foist his indespensable services upon theAmericans yet again. John Banzhaf wishes to be philantropic about monies worthof 'health' litigation thrown at food and sugar drink entrepreneurs.

If Banzhaf has things his way, in 20years, obesety 'deaths' will probably be up from current day 'estimated' 400.000to 800.000. The omnipotently nutty press will hail it as a great achievement in'promoting' health.

If Joseph Goebbels ended his life in1945, it was only to pave the way for even more sophisticated conmen.

My advice to any liberty loving and health concerned American citizen would be:

Stiflethe bastard!






































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