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Forces Canada Editorial 07-22-98


July 22, 1998 -- Once again, it is time for a prediction. We are proud to say that in the last two years we have made four predictions, praying each time that we would be proven wrong.

Unfortunately, we have been always right.

People have often asked me: "how did you know?" That was the case with the prediction about the Florida trial, for example. Many were sure that the tobacco industry was sure to win that trial. The evidence against second hand smoke was inconclusive at best, false at worst. But the industry settled because Florida changed the law, throwing all that inconvenient reality out of court.

My answer is always the same: having accepted once and for all that anti-tobacco is a new form of organized crime, one has to learn to think like a criminal. One does not have to be a criminal to think like one. All the great detectives (fictional or otherwise) were after all "vaccinated criminals", for they could predict the moves of their opponents by thinking like them. To achieve that, just temporarily remove all moral boundaries, void your imagination of all restraints of ethics and decency -- and the trick is done.

But let's go on with the prediction. The anti-tobacco criminals, starting with the top dog in the White House, have been caught with their pants down by the sentence of the federal court. The problem for them here is that a powerful and credible authority has exposed falsifications, and delivered them to legal record.

The press, sold to the anti-tobacco cartel on the promise of big anti-smoking ad revenues, is already making big efforts to diffuse the blow, or it is ignoring the news altogether.

The anti-tobacco cartel is already busy in pointing to the CAL-EPA report as "the good one", and "the more updated one", never mind that the CAL-EPA report is even more flawed and politically corrupted than its predecessor.

But even that will not be enough: more "evidence" will be necessary.

We predict that within the next 8-12 months we will be flooded by wave of new "studies" on ETS from all over the world that quite by accident will show "conclusively" that second hand smoke is a powerful carcinogen, and the press and the cartel will trumpet this information to no end.

The manufacturing of this new false evidence will be swift. Nowadays, computers can generate epidemics in seconds -- all you have to do is have the right software, and put the right trash in.

The new figures and associations with disease will be so revealingly alarming, so unprecedented in size, that calls for immediate action (repression, prohibition, lawsuits, etc.) will echo from coast to coast, while Canadian muppets will parrot them from the North.

The Ministries of Health will spin the lies even further, using them as justification for cracking down on whatever is left of our right to smoke.

Let's go back to the times of Al Capone for an historical carbon copy of anti-tobacco: Al Capone (anti-tobacco) became a hero of the American press, especially for his noble purpose of feeding the poor (helping smokers and protecting non-smokers) during the Depression. In the meantime, his mano longa infiltrated and corrupted media, government, and institutions, while his legitimate- looking companies (the anti-smoking activists) were supporting him, and providing a coat of credibility and legitimacy for the public to believe in, and consume.

In the meantime, those who screamed and even proved that Al (anti-tobacco) was at the head of organized crime (libertarians, smokers' rights organizations, etc.) were dismissed and ridiculed. The concept of organised crime was as implausible as the moon being a big cheese.

History has taught nothing to North Americans. Like children who refuse to grow, they get bamboozled by anything that is sensational, while the child abusers get rich on their tantrums.

The childish tantrum of the cancerous anti-tobacco movement will reach another screeching peak, in yet another effort to suppress and bury forever an inescapable truth:

Second hand smoke is not harmful.

Gian Turci

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