Gian Turci is no more

Author: Søren Højbjerg
Article Published: 23 March 2009

The greatest of the front line fighters for the rights of smokers, Gian Turci of FORCES International, is no more.

He expired on the evening of March 10 of a brain haemorrhage. Thus we have lost one of the foremost of the smokers' rights front line fighters in the international arena.

I became aquainted with Gian Turci in the autumn of 2004. It was during that period that I wrote my first articles for FORCES International. I got to know Gian as an insightful and temperamental man in battle against a mighty power.

I have had many converstions with Gian on the phone and on the internet. I have read many of his articles. Almost everything he stated about antismoking turned out to be true.

The only time I ever met Gian Turci in person was during the Aldebaran Conference in Hoorn, Holland, on May 1-4, 2008. It was a great pleasure to meet the little Italian man with the great soul.

He played a central role in the founding of TICAP (The International Coalition Against Prohibition). He was one of the main speakers at the TICAP conference in Brussels in January 2009. Without his indefatigable efforts the conference might never have been held. Gian Turci was a mighty engine of international coöperation.

The Danish Smokers' Rights Organisation owes Gian Turci great thanks for his untiring work for smokers' rights. His insight on the antitobacco problem plays a great role in informing the Danish Smokers' Rights Organisation. Those of us who knew him personally will miss him deeply. His death is a tremendous loss.

Honour his memory.

Soren Hojbjerg

Spokesperson for The Danish Smokers' Rights Organisation

The Danish original of this article may be accessed here.

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