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Multimedia Listing: Activism (chronological reverse order)

trASH | Liberty 2

Article Published: 2010/01/14
Keywords: hearing, enquiry, anti smoking, corruption
Views: 19855

ASH UK are given a thorough grilling after attempting to corrupt a Government enquiry into passive smoke.

Theatre Night 2.0 | WDIO-TV

Article Published: 2009/04/18
Keywords: minnesota, defiance, theater, theatre, benjamin, ripley, marinaro, tom, tanks
Views: 3845
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org

Attorney Mark Benjamin has argued his appeal to the conviction of Tom “Tank” Marinaro for permitting smoking in his Minnesota bar. More details at the Hotlink.

Looking back at liberty and civilization

Article Published: 2008/12/05
Keywords: prohibition, christmas, freedom
Views: 4107

'Christmas at the Snout': this video from the UK tells the bastard Antis, their ideological friends and neo-Nazi politicians where to go. More information and comments at the Hotlink.

A comedy... of errors! | Reason Magazine, Gillespie

Article Published: 2008/11/17
Keywords: Reason, Gillespie, prohibition, ban, passive, smoke
Views: 4803

This video is another splendid example on how NOT to argue against smoking bans and the paranoia behind them. A full commentary is available by clicking on the hot link.

Hopkins County smoking ban stalled | Fox News

Article Published: 2008/10/24
Keywords: Lynda, Farley, activism, USA, tristate
Views: 3732

Freedom Fighter and member of the FORCES Board of Directors Lynda Farley is interviewed on Fox News. Once again, Lynda Farley makes us all proud! More information by clicking on the hot link.

Revolution March | Patricia Glass

Article Published: 2008/07/23
Keywords: protest, Glass, Patricia, march
Views: 5085

On July 12th, 2008 a huge march took place in Washington DC, in front of the Capitol Building. I attended this most significant Revolution March and the footage I obtained is indeed inspiring. More information at the hyperlink.

A radio debate on freedom and junk science | Swindon 105.5

Article Published: 2008/07/22
Keywords: ban, smoking, England, UK, prohibition
Views: 6030

Radio debate about the British smoking ban on Swindon 105.5, conducted on the week of July 14th, 2008. The show lasts about one hour and clearly this debate is won by supporters of choice. Participants: Amanda Sandford (ASH), Bob Feal-Martinez (Freedom To Choose), Dave Atherton (caller), and representatives of the youth.

The Westgate Run in Wakefield, UK, part II

Article Published: 2008/07/16
Views: 4741

Additional footage of the fight against Tobacco Control in England on the first anniversary of prohibition. Click on the hiperlink for additional information and links to the first part.

An activist to respect!

Article Published: 2008/07/16
Keywords: Crowley, Hawaii, freedom, bans, opposition, resistance
Views: 4623

Mike McConnell's popular WLW radio show featured one of our strongest free choice activists, Hawaii's Dave Crowley, for the first ten minutes of his show in preparation for "World Defiance Day 2!" More at the hyperlink.

The Westgate Run in Wakefield, UK

Article Published: 2008/07/07
Keywords: Westgate, UK, fight, pubs, tobacco, control
Views: 5270

Fighting Tobacco Control in England on the first anniversary of prohibition. More information by clicking on the hyperlink.

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