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Linda Rosenthal

Article Published: 2011/02/08
Keywords: electronic cigarettes, new york, e-cigs
Views: 15961

<p>New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal interviewed on Albany, NY radio station WGY regarding her support for banning electronic cigarettes.<br />1111</p>

Child Abuse | The Today Show

Article Published: 2009/09/04
Keywords: television, anti-smoking, ad, advertising
Views: 3410
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org

Controversial anti-smoking ad which depicts a lost child crying is discussed on the "Today Show". More info at the Hotlink.

Goodnight and God bless. | John Baker

Article Published: 2009/03/20
Keywords: gian, turci
Views: 1218

A video tribute to Gian Turci created by John Baker, Secretary of Freedom To Choose.

A Meal to Die For

Article Published: 2009/02/11
Keywords: hamburger, meal, food, hysteria
Views: 4133

A crawded restaurant that seves tasty food and makes a mockery of the stupid contamporary obsession with health, "public ehalth" and "ideological doctors". Recommended watching for the "public health" Nazi bigots of the World Health Organization. More information by clicking on the hyperlink.

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