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Multimedia Listing: Believe It or Not (chronological reverse order)

'They just have to die'

Article Published: 2009/08/01
Keywords: eugenics, unfit, kill, sadism, mengele, von verschuer, racial hygiene
Views: 9736

Jane DeVille-Almond, Healthist paragon of Great Britain, proclaimed her prescription for the “care” of tobacco smokers on live radio in June. Smokers who have not accepted Healthist doctrine that they must abstain always and forever simply are not worth any trouble or expense or care. So says adorable Jane. She cites the example of smokers with heart disease. They deserve their disease. They deserve no sympathy. They deserve no treatment. Pressed by her interviewer as to exactly what this means for these people, sweet Jane flinches not, but speaks plainly: “They just have to die.”

Gestapo at the Door | CBS

Article Published: 2009/05/04
Keywords: belmont, california, ban, home, nazi, gestapo
Views: 3954

FORCES readers know that smoking is banned within one’s own apartment or condominium in Belmont, California. The Cigarette Gestapo can bash through your front door there at any time, as this CBS television news piece reports, with no disapproval. More comment at the Hotlink.

Whatever They Do I’ll Support | WBRZ-TV

Article Published: 2009/05/01
Keywords: media, bias, bars, ban
Views: 3339

Not one word of dissent to antitobacco oppression occurs in this WBRZ-TV report from Louisiana. When it comes to advancing the smoker pogrom, of course, “the facts” reported must be carefully chosen. We at FORCES invite our readers to decide who is most nauseating in the WBRZ reports, the two cherry-picked bar owners, or the two antitobacco acolyte reporters? More detail at the Hotlink.

Quislings | WKBT-TV

Article Published: 2009/05/01
Keywords: media, bias, bars, ban
Views: 3103

In Wisconsin, as reported by WKBT-TV, some owners of larger bars are touting a “level playing field” state-wide ban. This will in fact level many of the little pubs. Folks who campaign for oppression, in seeking to acquire the wealth of the oppressed, deserve the government they get. Hold your stomach when you watch this one. More detail at the Hotlink.

Terrified of Freedom | Rush Limbaugh

Article Published: 2009/03/23
Keywords: ron, paul, libertarian, missouri, fascist, fascism, terrorist, terrorism, police
Views: 3316

Rush Limbaugh comments on a sickening situation in the US State of Missouri. A document circulated amongst law enforcement officials there instructs that persons who support libertarian ideals should be considered potential terrorists. Click the Hotlink for more info.

Hatred: Anti's Social Graces | Antismoking advertisement

Article Published: 2008/10/24
Keywords: vilify, vilification, propaganda, hate, antitobacco, tobacco control
Views: 4109

Tobacco Control keeps on spewing. This spot is supposed to run on European TV stations in various languages. Let's say vilification is not a fine art. For more background click the Hotlink.

Important information about light bulbs

Article Published: 2008/09/08
Keywords: light, bulbs, prohibition, paranoia, absurdity
Views: 4302

Rep. Ted Poe (Texas)comments about the absurd regulation that will impose "energy saving" light bulbs in the US by 2014 and the umpteenth manifestation of collective dementia that surrounds them. More information at the hyperlink.

Allergic to wireless connections!

Article Published: 2008/06/02
Keywords: allergy, wireless, hypochondria, paranoia
Views: 5528

We start this new section of the Multimedia Portal with a wonderful piece on health hysteria and hypochondria. Pain in the chest? Pain in the head? You may be allergic to wireless Internet! Sick in the head indeed - but these hypochondriacs really believe it. This is the door that the passive smoking paranoia has opened – and “public health” loves it, of course. When you cough at the sight of a cigarette, why not a pain in the chest at the sight of a computer? More comments at the hotlink.

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