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You Are Crap | John Banzhaf at the National Press Club (2003)

Article Published: 2009/07/01
Keywords: litigation, litigious, attorney, banzhaf, contempt, hate
Views: 8649

So says John Banzhaf. This brief video presents the tubby health activist discussing his latest litigious obsession, obesity, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. His opinion of your opinion of what should happen to you, his assessment of your right and responsibility to self determination, he sums up in one word: “crap.” More comment at the Hotlink.

Oh-so Reasonable Banzhaf | The Joel A. Spivak Show

Article Published: 2009/06/15
Keywords: banzhaf, ash, action, institute, merryman, walker
Views: 1101

A complete hour episode of Joel A. Spivak's talk show with guest host Doctor Tony Campolo. Listen to John Banzhaf in 1977 as he advocates against legal regulation of outdoor smoking and for the rights of restaurant owners to determine their smoking policies. Banzhaf has always misled, day to day to suit his given audience, for decades, while calculatedly advancing his fanaticism with ever greater viciousness. Click the Hotlink for more commentary.

Onto Banzhaf | The American Debate

Article Published: 2009/06/15
Keywords: banzhaf, ash, action, institute, browder, anne
Views: 1188

A complete half-hour episode of The American Debate from 1984. Banzhaf is the soul of reassurance. He wants smokers to be accommodated. He merely wants smoking bans on short airline flights, of two hours, or less. We’ll say his debating partner, Anne Browder of the old Tobacco Institute, has his number. She says the fanatical Banzhaf will never stop demanding more, more, more bans, until there is no smoking on any airplane, or any accommodation for smokers anywhere. Some of us knew she was right then. Everybody does now. More comment at the Hotlink.

The FORCES Tribute to John Banzhaf | Spike Jones and His City Slickers

Article Published: 2009/06/15
Keywords: banzhaf, fuhrer, fuehrer, nazi, heil
Views: 1277

We know we are criticized by some for pointing out that John Banzhaf is a bullshitting blowhard, egotistical creep, a hatemongering wretch, a loathsome rodent, and so forth. Some say we go too far in suggesting that Banzhaf believes himself the leader of a non-smoking Master Race, that he is a megalomaniac, who thinks he owns the world and space. We don’t mind the criticism. We’re right, as was Spike Jones about another such freak years ago, and we proudly offer this audio file of maestro Jones’s “Der Führer’s Face” as our personal tribute to Mister Banzhaf. Listen, laugh, learn from history, and always give John Banzhaf his due.

Assault in “self-defence”

Article Published: 2008/11/29
Keywords: banzhaf, assault, hatred
Views: 4613

Hold on to your guts before watching this short video. Antismoking bully John Banzhaf assaults elderly smoker during televised debate. Play the video multiple times to pay attention to what happens to the glass, and also to Banzhaf’s hatred, seeping through each of his stinking pores. Click the Hotlink for related commentary.

They only want “smoking sections”

Article Published: 2008/06/09
Keywords: politics, Banzhaf, ASH, activism, lies, susskind
Views: 5101

In this 1986 clip from national TV in the USA, John Banzhaf states that antismoking groups only want smoking and non-smoking sections. That’s all, just smoking sections. Antismoking groups don't object to smoking in private offices or for that matter in hospital rooms. Not at all. Doesn’t that sound reasonable – especially when Banzhaf calls arguments regarding the fears of fanatical encroachment "creating a straw man"? Compare that with what ASH and their friends in “public health” say today. More comments at the Hotlink.

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