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Boris Johnson Room 101 Smoking

Article Published: 2008/11/05
Keywords: Boris, johnson, passive, smoking, fraud, 101
Views: 3942

“The passive smoking fraud in comical key” could be an alternative title for this all-British comedy clip that, along with good humour, tells how ridiculously small the exposure to the “carcinogens” in environmental tobacco smoke is. More details by clicking on the hot link.

Right attitude: useful video for smoking ladies

Article Published: 2008/10/29
Keywords: smoking, training, ladies
Views: 5872

This is funny, but it is also dead serious. Dear smoking ladies, do you have the misfortune of living with a non smoker who has embraced the fanatical antismoking religion? Don’t go on the balcony to smoke in apologetic shame – that’s the wrong attitude!

The future of drinking

Article Published: 2008/07/16
Keywords: wine, prohibition, drinking
Views: 4461

If we have to go by what is happening to smoking, this video describes perfectly the future of the alcohol industry if the social engineering of “public health” is successful. More comments at the hyperlink.

Expelled (Trailer) | Ben Stein

Article Published: 2008/05/14
Keywords: censorship, academic, academia, correctness, healthism
Views: 2869

This is a "coming attraction" trailer for Ben Stein's film "Expelled" which examines intolerance of theism amongst "politically correct" academics and university administrators today. Students and teachers who express belief in divine Creation are ostracized. This, to our eyes, mirrors the ostracism of academics who disbelieve the Health Cult dogma. As the Inquisition required fealty to the one true faith the Healthist Inquisition requires absolute allegiance to the high priests of junk science. Al Gore and the Surgeon General decree omnisciently from on high. Heretics, and God, be damned.

Butt Out | South Park

Article Published: 2008/04/18
Keywords: television, american, satire
Views: 3663

Here is the very amusing "Butt Out" episode of the satirical "South Park" cartoon television show. Girthy Rob Reiner heads up a platoon of bug-eyed antitobacco zealots who abuse children in their war of lies against the Big Tobacco Company.

Blithering News | Hairy Chestnuts and Pat Glass

Article Published: 2008/03/05
Keywords: phil, williams, patricia, glass, tv, television, news, satire
Views: 2792

Hairy Chestnuts and Pat Glass of 'Freedom News' give us the 'facts' in the manner of typical media sages in our blithering Healthist era.

Just a Joke

Article Published: 2008/02/25
Keywords: telemarketer, salesman, salesmen, telephone, phone
Views: 3140

Navigating amongst bad news and moral deterioration is depressing. We all need a laugh now and then. Tom Mabe does not like salesmen who call on the telephone. He takes them for a ride and keeps a tape recorder hooked up to his phone. Radio stations have played the results. Light one up and listen. You might try something similar the next time an Anti agency calls looking for a donation, or you might tell them plainly what you think of them, for which your most colorful vocabulary will be necessary. Enjoy this very funny phone call. You're going to laugh!

Why They Believe Antismoking | CNNN

Article Published: 2008/02/18
Keywords: Ignorance, gullibility, stupidity
Views: 7851

Those of us who are engaged against the Fraud of the Century often have a hard time understanding how the epidemiological swindles and propaganda against smoking are so easily bought by John Q. Public. This video highlights the answer: astonishing ignorance.

Those Are for Sinners | Woody Allen

Article Published: 2008/01/31
Keywords: freedom, laughter, comedy, censor, censorship
Views: 3187

In the era of freedom, we could poke fun with good humor on most any subject, as this clip from Woody Allen's 1971 'Bananas' illustrates. Pathetically, the presence of cigarettes themselves in this scene, rather than anything surrounding, would be considered the ultimate blasphemy requiring censorship today.


Article Published: 2008/01/12
Keywords: atrocity, france, french, hate
Views: 2657

A 'public service announcement' satire from France (with English subtitles) revealing the underlying impetus of contemporary anti-smoking: sadistic dominance.

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