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The smoking ban song | Terry and the Gang (UK)

Article Published: 2008/12/17
Keywords: smoking, ban, song, protest
Views: 20944

"My name is TAM, and I'm your man! I'm here to enforce the smoking ban!" This video from December, 2007, tells it all. Have a good laugh, but remember how serious the smoking ban issue really is. Explicit language used.

Jackboot "electric" version | Eammon Mallon

Article Published: 2008/07/22
Keywords: Eammon, Mallon, Jackboot, protest
Views: 4011

Snippet of the new, electric version of Jackboot, released on July 1, 2008, the first anniversary of prohibition in England. For more information, click on the hot link.

Silly me... | Dreamflower

Article Published: 2008/07/21
Keywords: dream, flower, dreamflower, freedom, prohibition
Views: 4693

This is an interesting protest song, representing well the wake up call about the crash of the huge illusions that we took for granted: the illusion of being free, that of owning our bodies, that of being able to lead our life as we see fit, and express ourselves and our personality publicly as we see fit. More information at the hyperlink.

Frankie's Song | Friends of Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill

Article Published: 2008/06/03
Keywords: defiance, protest, washington, state, rebellion, resistance
Views: 5058

Here’s a tune that may inspire a chuckle or two. It is in support of Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Thurston County, Washington. Frank has put a knot in Anti’s undies by opening up the top floor of his bar to smoking. The top room is twenty-five feet from an entrance and designated as a private workplace. Frank reportedly has also designated it as a private club, for which a membership is charged. Patrons are free to go up and smoke as they choose.

The Cigarette (Original Song) | Puffing Billy

Article Published: 2008/04/18
Keywords: passive, secondhand, ets, pollution, hysteria, alarm, alarmism
Views: 2878

"Puffing Billy" is quite right that propagandized folks are quite crazy to fear smokers while riding around in cars. They might as well fear the lung cancer risk of frying an egg for that matter. The point is that carbon monoxide poisoning or a house fire can kill you but ordinary exposure to ordinary amounts of smoke, indoors or out, are not hazards.

Ja So Wars (Bayer.Raucherhymne).mp3

Article Published: 2008/02/20
Keywords: German, raucher
Views: 5984

(Lyrics & Music: Renate Birkenheuer/Daniela Steidle) A "Bavarian smokers' anthem" by two dedicated female smokers from Munich. The song deals with those who denounce defiance of smoking bans.

The official protest song of F2C | The Inn Crowd

Article Published: 2007/10/20
Keywords: Freedom, Freedom To Choose, smoking, drinking, song, protest
Views: 3829

The official song of the British organization Freedom To Choose against health fascism. It mention words that are in bad need of dusting and redefinition: freedom, traditions, smoking, drinking…

Jackboot | Eammon Mallon

Article Published: 2006/09/15
Keywords: Eammon, Mallon, jackboot, Nazi, music, song
Views: 10214

The official song of FORCES International by Eammon Mallon.

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