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Americans Oppose FDA Regulation and Prohibition | Gallup poll

Article Published: 2009/06/25
Keywords: fda, food, drug, regulation, prohibition, public, opinion, poll
Views: 18091

In the midst of the governmental approval process for Food and Drug Administration regulation of tobacco products in June 2009, with this video presentation the George Gallup organization expressed surprise, and tried to explain away, popular disapproval of the move. The poll's spokesman does not attempt to ameliorate the additional result showing that Americans do not want tobacco Prohibition (which FDA regulation may effectively result in over time via hyper-regulation) since the plurality on this question is overwhelming.

America's Worst Enemy | Jesse Richard

Article Published: 2009/03/27
Keywords: media, press, journalism, bias
Views: 3711

Journalist Jesse Richard discusses the inadequacy of established media and the need for free and open communication amongst the citizenry. More background at the Hotlink.

Formula for Youth Is Beer and Cigarettes | ABC News

Article Published: 2008/04/15
Keywords: london, marathon, pint, fag, old, smokers
Views: 4123

Buster Martin has recently completed several marathons. He's shown here training for the 26-mile London Marathon which he completed on 13 April 2008 with a break at the thirteenth mile for a pint of beer and a cigarette. Buster says he's 101, but records are inconsistent, some showing him as born in 1906, others as in 1913. If he's been a rogue about the seven years' difference we'll say he's been an amusing rogue. Most of us won't make it to our nineties let alone a hundred or more. Have fun in life. Moderation is a virtue but never stop enjoying what you enjoy.

Confusion and Experiments | Tim Paton

Article Published: 2008/01/20
Keywords: prohibition, england, britain, europe, ash
Views: 2464

A British citizen considers misbegotten policies.

The Final Solution | Tim Paton

Article Published: 2008/01/19
Keywords: prohibition, nazi, fascist, holocaust, england, britain, europe, ash
Views: 3022

A British citizen considers the nature of fanaticism.

Krissie About Smoking Bans

Article Published: 2007/13/30
Keywords: bans, smoking bans, Krissie
Views: 2373

Young Krissie denounces the passive smoking institutional fraud and the assault on civil liberties while smoking a cigarette – even though she seems to be misguided about the actual effects of smoking on health, probably not knowing that not even one death can be demonstrated to be caused by smoking. Excellent exposure of points.

Catching a Wild Hog | Capri Lione

Article Published: 2007/10/31
Keywords: Capri, Lione, Wisconsin, hog, anecdote
Views: 9836

Considerations on the loss of liberty in American society (October 3)

Considerations on 'studies' | Roger Swafford

Article Published: 2007/10/15
Keywords: Roger, Swafford, studies, science, politics, financing
Views: 10237

Considerations on the objectiveness of 'studies' in function of financing and political agendas (October 3)

Answer to Min. of Prop by another member of BRA

Article Published: 2007/10/04
Keywords: Nazi, propaganda, BRA, boat, rockers, association, satire
Views: 2316

Another member of the Boat Rockers Association (BRA) answers to Minister of Propaganda of the Antismoking League of Britain.

Brainwashing 101

Article Published: 2007/09/09
Keywords: brainwashing, students, censorhip, conditioning
Views: 2365

Interesting movie on the intellectual brainwashing and ideological control going on in American universities.

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