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Nick Hogan | Nick Hogan

Article Published: 2010/06/08
Keywords: publican, pub, jailed, prison, fine, freed
Views: 24262

UK publican Nick Hogan speaks with FORCES regarding his struggles against the UK's smoking ban, his imprisonment, and the supporters who set him free.

Dave Goerlitz Part II | Dave Goerlitz

Article Published: 2010/05/07
Keywords: Winston, Goerlitz, MSA, e-cig, ecig, hierarchy, myers
Views: 8815

Part II of Robert Prasker's FORCES Round Table interview with former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz.

Former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz | Dave Goerlitz

Article Published: 2010/04/24
Keywords: RJR, Reynolds, Winston, Menthol, Kids, Advertising
Views: 7920

Robert Prasker of FORCES sits down for Part I of an interview with former "Winston Man" Dave Goerlitz.

Snowdon / Goerlitz | Christopher Snowdon

Article Published: 2009/09/25
Keywords: winston, reynolds, kids
Views: 5657
Hotlink: http://www.forces.org

Compiled segments of author Christopher Snowdon's interviews with cigarette advertising model (the "Winston man") David Goerlitz who came to campaign against kids' smoking. Click the Hotlink for further commentary.

Kidnapped for her own good? | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2009/02/27
Keywords: William, Kathleen, Stenton, health, care, nursing, home, Ireland, England
Views: 5495

All she wants is to go home to her son William. All William wants is to take her home with him to Ireland. But they won't let them. For more information on this moving story, click on the hot link under the picture.

An interview with Phil Williams | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2008/12/15
Keywords: Phil, William, Chestnuts, pubs
Views: 5119

An interview with the father of many characters who make us laugh while giving us a very serious message about the Nazis of the 21st century: Tobacco Control. More information at the hot link.

An interview with Eamonn Mallon | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2008/11/17
Keywords: Eamonn, Mallon, Jackboot, protest
Views: 5703

Eamonn Mallon is a singer who is well known amongst those who fight the prohibition/antismoking fraud. His song “Jackboot” has been for a long time the official song of FORCES International. What has induced Eamonn to write this beautiful song? More details are available by clicking on the hot link.

When tin can dictators think they are gods | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2008/08/01
Keywords: Kennedy, smokers, club, property
Views: 9464

This is the inredible story of Mike Kennedy, a Canadian citizen who dared upholding his property rights and creating private clubs for smokers. More details at the hot link.

Institutional corruption | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2008/07/28
Keywords: Freedom, Choose, institutional, corruption
Views: 5775

Round Table with Gian Turci and Colin Granger, president of Freedom To Choose (UK), inspired by the recent Swindon 105 Radio debate, reproduced in our Multimedia Section (activism). For additional information, click on the hyperlink.

Interview with Chris Snowdon | FORCES International Round Table

Article Published: 2008/07/16
Keywords: Snowdon, prohibition, bans, smoking, history
Views: 6444

Chris Snodon is a historian from England, fascinated by the antismoking movement and the growth of the antismoking hysteria as a social phenomenon. More information at the hyperlink.

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