Smoke in their face: Hopkins County ban stalled

Pat Glass
24th October 2008Freedom Fighter and member of the FORCES Board of Directors Lynda Farley is interviewed on Fox News. Once again, Lynda Farley makes us all proud!  She speaks out on the Hopkins County smoking ban and obtains a stay, until  it's straightened out.
Her argument is that a United Nations body is trying to implement the ban.  She has supporters, also, as one gentleman states that it is his property and he should be allowed to make the rules as to who smokes or doesn't smoke on that property, bought and paid for by him. 

This is not a smoking issue, as we've been saying for years.  It is a property rights/freedom issue.  It's an institutional integrity issue. An unelected body of "officials" cannot be allowed to legislate legal products on private property.  Period!

Click here to watch the video. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the short introductory article.


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