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Frankie's Song

4th June 2008
Here’s a tune that may inspire a chuckle or two. It is in support of Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Thurston County, Washington.

Frank has put a knot in Anti’s undies by opening up the top floor of his bar to smoking. The top room is twenty-five feet from an entrance and designated as a private workplace. Frank reportedly has also designated it as a private club, for which a membership is charged. Patrons are free to go up and smoke as they choose.

Drat those pesky bar owners and their patrons who smoke . . . they jus’ keep dreamin’ up ways to thwart the wheels of progress for self-serving opportunists on the grant payrolls of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation! Rumor has it that Antis are getting so upset in Washington that they are issuing free nicotine inhalers to pharmaceutical lobbyists and smoking ban advocates so they can calm down . . . !
The lyrics of the song's refrain:
I’m a friend of Frankie’s
Frankie’s your friend, too
Standin’ up to the law
For all you fools without any balls
Frank has endured overstepping attempts at ban enforcement. The ban itself is the true offense, against the citizenry, against reason, against liberty. Anti never stops. Neither does the fight to regain our freedom.

Please click the link below to view the video.

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