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EU: Caught - not that it matters; criminals rule

17th June 2008
This footage from German television may be of particular interest to our European readers, as it shows the shameful parasitism of the EU Parliamentarians. There is no need to understand German to see what is going on, or to read the numbers.
The EU representatives in Bruxelles are paid as follows:

Base pay: 7,339 €, about 11,330 US $ per month
Tax-free flat expense compensation: 3,980 €, about   6,140 US $ per month
Daily presence: 284 €, about      438 US $ per day
Full Parliament sittings: 3,408 €, about    5,262 US $  
Approximate total 14,727 about 22,752 US$ per month

In the footage, you will see an empty Parliament room followed by a scene of the goldbricks collecting their per diem of 284.00 Euros for absolutely nothing.  These loafing plutocrats have the power to write and pass the laws that all Europeans must obey.  Europeans are subject to four layers of government: municipal, regional, national and supra-national (Brussels). Here is just a small example of how the citizens' money is sucked away in exchange for oppression, cultural levelling, elimination of national identity and pride, and the imposition of taxes and prohibition.

Speaking of prohibition, many of the Brussels parasites are, as we know, rabid antismokers, dedicated to the gospel of the epidemiological fraud against tobacco.  To be fair they are not just against tobacco.  These mavens are often part of the antismoking, anti-alcohol and anti-fat agenda, financed by the pharmaceutical industry to influence the EU Parliament and especially the Commissions, which provide the data on which the Parliament relies to compose its regulatory schemes.

Hiltrud BreyerAmongst the various parasites caught stealing taxpayers’ money, most notorious is Hiltrud Breyer (picture), German Green party. We have marked her for you with titles in the German footage. Breyer is a super-fanatic antismoker and a committed acolyte of healthist ideology and its epidemiological antismoking frauds. Together with Karl Heinz Florenz and Spidla, she is part of the Parliamentarian group that has abused the European Commission powers to broadcast TV commercials against smoking and smokers as well as advocating employment discrimination against smoking EU citizens, although the Health Commission does not even have the power to do so. Former “health” kommissar Kyprianou, to whom we must say thanks for removing his revolting presence from the Commission, was also part of this cabal.

The gall and arrogance of these of apparatchiks is incredible: caught in the act of stealing public money by “punching in” and then leaving, Irish Parliamentarian Kathy Sinnot goes so far as threatening the reporters that they better "mind their own business,"  curb what they report  — or else!

In today’s inverted and perverted politics, it is the criminals who make the laws. It is therefore perfectly logical that, when they are caught stealing or lying, the bastards threaten those who report the theft to the public that pays them. The most devastating reality is that these people, when caught conning the public with false information, take moral stands against those who denounce their actions (i.e.: “you are paid by the tobacco industry”) because they actually believe that swindling people for their own good is the right and moral thing to do!

Do you think that this exposure will change anything in the EU parliament? Don't be foolish: at most, they will "punch in" and show up for a couple of weeks, after which it's back to business as usual. Think about it: who are they accountable to? Who has the power to actually punish them? (please don't say "the people", because that is not an option: these parliamentarians are as far removed from "the people" as the Earth is from the next galactic cluster). Let us even go further: the next logical development may be that the criminals make a new law that forbids anybody from reporting parliamentarian theft.

The rot festering in the EU parliament is expanding.  One member state – Italy – has extended its parliamentary immunity to the point that numerous convicted criminals are sitting in Parliament, untouchable, making the laws that Italians must obey.  Smoking bans are just the tip of a corrupt system based on fraud, lies and intimidation.  You ain't seen nothing yet!


Additional information

No doubt some reader now thinks that we are exaggerating about Italy just “because we like to smoke”. Our Italian correspondent Gian Turci sends us the list of convicted criminals who are sitting in the Italian parliament, their sentence and their crimes. But don’t delude yourself: this is not just an Italian problem. In Canada, for example, parks and institutions are named after antitobacco fraudsters who have become national heroes thanks to their obvious falsifications.

Up to May 2008 the following Italian parliamentarians have major criminal records:


Parliamentarian name Sentenced to Crime
Berruti Massimo Maria 8 months Abetting prostitution
Bonsignore Vito (europarlamentarian) 2 years Peculate in hospital construction
Mario Borghezio (europarlamentarian) 2 months, 20 days Setting fire to immigants while they were sleeping under a bridge
Bossi Umberto (head of major Italian party) 8 months Corruption with illegal financing
Cantoni Giampiero 2 years Corruption and fraudulent bankruptcy
Carra Enzo 1 year, 4 months Corruption, falsification of accounting, illegal financing
Ciarrapico Giuseppe Two convictions: 3 years, and 4 year 6 months Two fraudulent bankruptcies
De Angelis Marcello 5 years Armed gangsterism and subversive association in neofascist group
Dell’Utri Marcello 2 years, 3 months False invoicing and tax evasion
Farina Renato 6 months Kidnapping
La Malfa Giorgio 6 months Illegal financing
Maroni Roberto 4 months, 20 days Assaulting the police
Nania Domenico 7 months Beating up demonstrators
Naro Giuseppe 6 months Peculate
Papania Antonio 2 months, 20 days Abuse of public office
Sciascia Salvatore 2 years, 6 months Corruption of public officers
Tomassini Antonio 3 years As physician, he falsified medical documentation



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