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Fighting Tobacco Control

7th July 2008.
After an endless number of errors through many years all over the world, it finally looks like “our side” is beginning to understand how to fight “public health” and Tobacco Control.

Just a few days ago we brought to your attention a German café owner as an example of how to expose the frauds and false information of public health and its smoking bans. We are glad that now we can bring another example from the UK. Just look at the video we are connected to – and learn as much as you can.

First of all, we see a bunch of smokers proudly wearing T-shirts that indicate that they are smokers – no hiding in dark corners or under stairways to puff. No apologetic attitude, and no "smoking-is-bad-but..." either.

Message: smokers are respectable people with a time-honoured, respectable habit, who do not intend to go to patches, electronic cigarettes, or smoking cessation trash to fit social engineering. Smokers do not believe public health’s trash epidemiology and they intend to preserve their smoking culture.

Second, they go to pubs, armed with their wallets, and consume only if they can exercise their right to smoke. The pubs that kiss the ass of Tobacco Control and its fraud-based law lose the money.

Message: obeying the fraud-based law will cost you dearly. We will use our economic power to fight you.

This is particularly important for Anglo-saxon culture which, so far, has been known for its law-abiding attitude. Although in general that attitude is laudable, there are cases when particularly unfair, evil, or fraudulent laws MUST be broken — to preserve a just society. Smoking bans such as those now afflicting the UK certainly fit the bill. The line against fascistic encroachment must be drawn.

Messages of rebellion and defiance are possible and should be implemented vigorously. Display your respect of freedom and of yourself. Act accordingly. Smoke in the face of the lurid government propaganda that says that there is virtually unanimous agreement with the smoking ban – yet another lie, just like everything else that Tobacco Control says.

Enjoy this video and remember, all over the world: you don’t have to be in the company of hundreds of people to do what these proud British smokers have done to mark the first anniversaly of prohibition. Act in groups. Also act by yourself, in concert, with all of us who make resistance part of our daily lives. Do not patronise businesses that obey the bans. Make life difficult for antismokers — whether it's your neighbour or the establishment near you: they do that to you, and they deserve the same treatment. If you don't pay them back in kind, they will treat you ever worse over time.

Induce others to resist. To do your share to destroy the bans, you must create economic damage and social upheaval, for government and public health have decided to be deaf and blind, just like every fascist. Don't try to reason with healthism and Tobacco Control because you are just wasting your time.

Remember: the damage must be sustained and increased until it is impossible to hide or deny anymore. That is because public health and its media lackeys will lie and suppress information until the last possible minute, and will not let go of prohibition until they are made to, until they face political and economic destruction.

That is because we are fighting ideology — much more than their computer-generated “mortality” — and because this is a class war: The bastards of Big Pharma and their minions in governments and medical associations want to make us do what they want, because they want to show us who is in charge.

Well, then, we have to show them that it's not them.


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