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Institutional corruption

FORCES International Round Table
28th July 2008
This new Round Table with Gian Turci and Colin Granger, Chairman of Freedom To Choose (UK), is inspired by the recent Swindon 105 Radio debate reproduced in our Multimedia Section. Additional comment and presentation of the radio debate is available by clicking here.

The main issue of this Round Table is institutional corruption, rampant in the public health institutions all over the world, fuelled by fanatical ideology, public funding and pharmaceutical money. A very “sensitive” issue is openly discussed for the first time by the two interlocutors. The issue so “taboo”, in fact, that it is often carefully avoided even by our side, either because of the effects of 30 years of brainwashing, or because of fear of loss of “credibility”.

You may have guessed what it is: there is no scientific demonstration that even one death in the world is caused solely by smoking. The issue is so vast and deep that it is only partially explored; Gian and Colin have set up another Round Table, to be recorded soon, to further explore the matter.

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